Jars Game

Introduction :

Jars Game is a newly added system; it would be available when the gamer reach the Lv.20 or higher . By Jars Game, gamer will gain

bun, meat, wine and silver, which will improve the quality of the generals.

Rules :

  • The icon of Jars Game will be exist once start the server. Click to enter the interface.
  • The system will present eight hammers to players if refresh Jars Game at 4 am everyday.
  • Each jar represent a reward, it have totally 16 jars.
  • “Bomb”is available for players upon VIP10, using bomb can gain all reward once.
  • “Joystick” is free for all gamers to replace the jar and award.
  • Hammers can be replaced by gold when used up. It costs 10 gold the first time, increasing by 5 gold a time till to the top.

Awards setting :

  • Awards :silver、bun、meat、wine.
  • Every time after a reset, system will combine 16 prize in random according to the award of the level of the gamer.