Nation War

Nation War is the biggest war event of R3K. Its competing among 3 Kingdoms player at a limited

numbers of players with National Elites status. Nation War event start on every saturday at 19.30hour.

You can see the Nation War button at your Town interface. Click the button to enter the war zone.

The Main objective of this war is to conquer Cities. Which Kingdom conquer the most city at the end of the

war is consider as winner of the event. Each Kingdom players are designated at their base city and start conquering

cities from there. Beside attacking, they have to defending their base city or city they have conquered earlier too

if they did conquered any of it.

There are some skills with cool down time to be use in the event.

Ramp, Fire, Teleport, Assault and Repair.

Each of the skills has its specialty.


Killing enemy and Breaking city wall has point. At the end of the event, those point will be calculated into rewards.

The war ended with Wu Kingdom successfully conquered a city and Won the event.

Loser Kingdom will also gain reward but lesser than Winner Kingdom.

Besides, there has some Quest in this event. Completing those Quest will earn you more rewards.