Tavern Chat

By Tavern Chat, players can gain Silver, Fames, Merits, Morale and Equipment.

You will also have chances to gain Scene’s General.

If you lucky, some General comes in Epiphany Status.


Tavern Chat Chart

Tavern Chat
NPC Content Rewards
Old Man Would you like to have a meal with an old lady? Morale 5
Woodcutter You look very distinguish sir, my guess is you must be someone with great importance. Silver (PlayerLv x 40)
High Monk Oh! its you my Lord, please forgive me ignorance. Fame (PlayerLv x 2)
Kid I heard all the adults in the city has long beards. Morale 4
Puppy Woof Woof Woff! Equipment Jade Bracelet
Child Why your face like my past away mother…I miss her so much… Morale 8
Shopkeeper My Lord, It would be a great honor to serve you! Morale 5
Waiter I'm honored to be able to service you my Lord, please be careful of the stairs. Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Lady Boss Oh Hey, what brings you here my Lord? Silver (PlayerLv x 60)
Swordsman Don't you see the sword on my waist? You wouldn't want to try me! Fame (PlayerLv x 2)
Scarface Ah? You have a problem with my face? Fame (PlayerLv x 2)
Scarface2 Scarface is my brother, I'm much more good looking compared to him Merit (PlayerLv x 2)
Butcher Killing a boar is actually not much of a difference with killing a man. Fame (PlayerLv x 2)
Merchants In the era of war, money is all you can count on. Silver (PlayerLv x 70)
Narcissism Who is the world could have the beauty I have? Jack? James? I DONT THINK SO! Silver (PlayerLv x 30)
Babe Saw that handsome dude? I feel sick if I don't see him for a day. Merit (PlayerLv x 3)
Rose Everyone praised me to be as beautiful as a rose, but why am I still not married, they are all liars. Morale 6
Soldier For many years of campaign the war at Lou Yang, my mom at home would pray for my safe return every day, I really miss home. Fame (PlayerLv x 9)
Soldier I can't recall where I have seen you Sir, my memory is getting bad to worst! Silver (PlayerLv x 90)
Soldier With me our in battle, my mom at home would pray for my safe return every day, I really miss home. Merit (PlayerLv x 4)
Soldier Lets get drunk while we can, we wouldn't know what will happen in our battle tomorrow! Come on! CHEERS! Silver (PlayerLv x 70)
General Look at my man, aren't they sturdy?! HAHAHA….. Silver (PlayerLv x 60)
General It's great to get to have a drink with you, my Lord! Morale 5
General We wouldn't know when the enemy is planning on attacking, wonder if it's safe to drink here.. Fame (PlayerLv x 3)
General Conquer the world, ALL FOR YOU MY LORD! Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Drunk Cao soldier! I have sworn to take all your heads! Fame (PlayerLv x 3)
Drunk This morning, two bloody robbers robbed my money, ALL my money! Merit (PlayerLv x 4)
Drunk At home, I AM the King! No one will dare say otherwise! HAHAHA! Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Drunk Brethren, you are drunk, let me help you get back home. Morale 4
Small Trader During this war times, it's not easy to survive as us businessman, life is tough. Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Joe Smith The money I buried in the ground was gone, I suspect my neighbor John Doe stole it, because there was a sign on the ground that says "your neighbor John Doe did not steal". Merit (PlayerLv x 4)
John Doe Joe Smith is really stupid, planted a sign on the ground that says “There is no money buried here”, thanks to him I got free rounds of drinks tonight. Gold 5
Wang Er I am way smarter than Joe Smith and John Doe, they have “I am stupid” written on their backs for days without knowing about it. Merit (PlayerLv x 5)
Bully Not bad Lady, but look at my skills, you wouldn't want to mess with me! Silver (PlayerLv x 75)
Mr. Hu Our Lord is pretty awesome, even letting me drink here. Fame (PlayerLv x 3)
Daisy I am Rose's sister, waiting for my knight in shining armor to arrive, let me have a closer look to see if you're my knight~ Silver (PlayerLv x 45)
Lily Although my 2 sisters looks quite unique in their own way, but they have a good heart. Fame (PlayerLv x 4)
Slave I have mighty strength, but could only do hard labor, I might have a better future in the army. Silver (PlayerLv x 55)
Fugitive Well, you got the wrong person, I am not a fugitive, I am not a fugitive! Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Fugitive Oh no! Please don’t catch me, I can pay you some money. Silver (PlayerLv x 60)
Fugitive What I did? I'm brutal ruthless killer, want to take this outside? Fame (PlayerLv x 4)
Fugitive I am innocent, also I have a 70-year-old mother and a new born to care for. Merit (PlayerLv x 7)
Slave I will work very hard to buy a big mansion, and a nice field. Silver (PlayerLv x 65)
Slave I am actually a coward, never had the guts to stay in the battle field. Very ashamed of myself! Merit (PlayerLv x 5)
Slave Have you seen Daisy? How I wish she could be my wife. Silver (PlayerLv x 35)
Trader What do you think of my beard? For us westerners, good looking beards is what makes a man. Fame (PlayerLv x 4)
Old man Everyone in the city knows I'm the most generous man in town. Fame (PlayerLv x 4)
Singer Did not expect to see you here my Lord, please do allow me to sing you a song. Silver (PlayerLv x 70)
Farmer I got bitten by a snake, and cant tend to my Farm only able to hang around here to pass time. Merit (PlayerLv x 7)
Farmer I recognize you my Lord, will there be a Tax reduction this year? Silver (PlayerLv x 80)
Farmer Thanks to natures blessing, the corps have grown well this year. Merit (PlayerLv x 8)
Farmer Ha ha ha, today's sales went very well, now I still have time for a drink before heading home. Silver (PlayerLv x 60)
Foreign trader Foreign merchandises sure sells very well here, hahahaha! Fame (PlayerLv x 5)
Snake Catcher Many victims were killed last year by snakes, I believe I could put my skills to good use. Fame (PlayerLv x 5)
Trader Horses really sells out for a good price here, earned me quite a lot of money! Silver (PlayerLv x 75)
Stone Smith In my hands, stones could turn into a masterpiece! Would you like to be my apprentice? Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Tailor Always sewing wedding dresses for maidens, when would be my turn to wear one? Fame (PlayerLv x 5)
Fatty Hey! You bumped me in my stomach, although it is big, but watch where you're going. Merit (PlayerLv x 4)
Fatty Look at your skinny body, and you are still into drinking? Careful you might drown yourself in red wine. Silver (PlayerLv x 40)
Kid Did you see my father? Fat and often comes to the Tavern for a drink. Merit (PlayerLv x 5)
Burly Dude Hey! Where is the wine I ordered! Ten bottles! What you looking at? Want challenge me at drinking? Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Drunk guy Hey, you are the twins? How is it that I see two identical persons. Silver (PlayerLv x 40)
Masked man Go away, I do not show my face to strangers. Fame (PlayerLv x 5)
swordsman Swords are meant for diminishing evil, there is no other reason to draw it. Fame (PlayerLv x 6)
One-eyed People are saying how powerful One-eyed Xiahou Dun, how could they not know about me! Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Wrestler You look like a tough guy, do you dare challenge me in a duel? Silver (PlayerLv x 60)
Gambler Ha ha ha, I am having the luck of my life today, money just keeps pouring in, tonight is the night! Merit (PlayerLv x 7)
Gambler Lets have a bet, my life is yours if I lose, and I will take your life if I win, what say you? Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Old man Young man, you are just like me when I was young, I believe you should be someone with high authority. Merit (PlayerLv x 4)
Peasant My Lord, can you spare me some food? I'm so hungry I cant even move a single muscle. Morale 7
Kitten Meow! Meowwww ~~ Equipment Gold ring
Kitten MeowWoo ~~ Silver (PlayerLv x 90)
Mouse Zhi Zhizhi ~ Silver (PlayerLv x 10)
Vicious dog Woo ~ woo ~ woo woof! Bark! Gold 5
Woman Sigh, I hate when war breaks, wish we could live in peace.. Equipment Amber earrings
Jeweler You must be a noble man, I know your piece of gem you wear, its priceless. Silver (PlayerLv x 70)
Laborer Hi, Mister, can I be your servant? Gold 5
Man If I become the King, hahaha, I could do what ever I want! Gold 10
Man In my opinion, my lord is no difference, with us civilians. Morale 8
Man The Tavern is so happening, I like the environment. Gold 10
Man It is said that Lu Bu, is the world's No.1 Warrior, Diao Chan, is when the world No.1 beauty, but unfortunately I have never had a chance to meet them. Equipment Boshan Furnace
Corporal Back in the days, when we attacked a city, I would shiver in fear seeing the rain of arrows covering the sky. Gold 7
Corporal Ha ha ha, I have a cockroach’s life force, I could live past the war even if I got in the center of a warzone. Merit (PlayerLv x 8)
Corporal Zhang Liao is the best warriors in Lu Bu's army that I have seen. Gold 8
Corporal I am one short of the battle rank, to become the squad leader! Equipment JiaoMei Zither
Centurion I faint on the sight of blood, wonder how did I turn up to be a centurion. Gold 6
Centurion My men only think about taking my place as centurion, they surely don't know what they are getting themselves into. Merit (PlayerLv x 5)
Centurion I beheaded a general of the Yellow Turban Bandits, that's how powerful I am! Merit (PlayerLv x 7)
Centurion I have once joined you in battle my Lord, do you remember me? Silver (PlayerLv x 50)
Scholar Cao Cao might be a warrior, but he is also very highly intelligent. Gold 10
Scholar There is 2 military adviser, "Wolong" and "Phoenix", it's said if you even have one of them on your side, you would be able to conquer the world. Equipment Phoenix Sachet
Scholar War is the start of chaos, the ones to suffer most are civilians caught in the midst of battle zone. Morale 6
Scholar Did you know who built the An-Qi-Zi? I DO! Kong Rong, Chen Lin, Wang Can, Xu Gan, Ruan Yu, Ying Chang, and Liu Zhen. Gold 10
Strategist If the tax had increased this year, the Tavern business may not be so good. Gold 5
Strategist You are here to have a drink too, my Lord? The wine at your castle should taste much better than those they serve here, right? Merit (PlayerLv x 5)
Strategist I have the might of a bear, the intelligence of a fox, but there's no one noticing my skills. The Lords must be blinded nowadays. Fame (PlayerLv x 7)
Strategist When there's peace, we have to grab the opportunity to develop more crop lands. Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Elderly Life is full of challenges, full of surprises, full of uncertainty, how is your life my Lord? Fame (PlayerLv x 8)
Never-Say I am Never-Say, I am the Eldest apprentice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, To say or not to say is always a big decision. Merit (PlayerLv x 6)
Never-Talk I am Never-Talk, I am the Eldest apprentice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, To say or not to say is always a big decision. Silver (PlayerLv x 100)
Never-Mention I am Never-Mention, I am the Eldest apprentice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, To say or not to say is always a big decision. Fame (PlayerLv x 10)
Never-Speak I am Never-Speak, I am the Eldest apprentice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, To say or not to say is always a big decision. Gold 7
Stranger Come, come get a little closer, I am a god of heaven, I have some good stuff for you! Catch! Equipment Dragon Pot