Appoint’s Merchant

Appoint Merchant are basically a Merchant that appointed by you to gain

some specified Equipment or Item.

To enter Appoint interface, Click on Appoint at the Shop.


This are the available Merchant to appoint. From Left to Right, the higher the Merchant the better Equipment obtainable.

Once the equipment obtained, Click Appoint to collect the Equipment or Item or click Direct Sell to sell unwanted

Equipment immediately for Silvers.

Collected  Equipment or Item will be store at Warehouse.

If your Warehouse slot fulled, those Equipment or Item will be stored as tempopary storage which will have a expiry time

for players to convert it into permanant storage Equipment by click the Collect button at Warehouse Interface when the

Warehouse Slot cleared or added. Expired Equipment will be deleted automatically.

For more detail on Appoint Merchant Equipment list, please refer to Appoint’s Item list.