Army & Navy Squad

When facing different enemy you need change Squad type or General position in Squad and choose the right Army Type to refrain from

the enemy. Each kind of Squad type owns its advantage. You will be succeeded when you flexibly use the Squad type.



The Squad type is very important in battles. Even if your strength is not stronger enough,you can overcome the strong opponents by reasonably adjusting the Squad type.

Do remember there is no omnipotent Squad type and General combination. Both of them should cooperate with each other and be used flexibly.

The Squad types are available when you upgrade Research Center to activate corresponding Military Technology. Higher Lv Squad technology enable more general slot and enhance the special ability.

Weapony Increase squad's physical attack
Armor Increase squad's physical defend
Courage Increase squad's combat attack
Formation Increase squad's combat defend
Contemplation Increase squad's strategic attack
Dynamism Increase squad's strategic defend
Camp Army Increase general's number or Max Army
Medicinal Herbs Reduce army losses after a battle
Scales Squad Increase squad's physical attack
Snake Squad Increase squad's physical attack
Phalanx Squad Increase squad's physical defend
Blade Squad Increase squad's physical defend
Arrow Squad Increase squad's combat attack
Crane Squad Increase squad's combat defend
Horizontal Squad Increase squad's strategic attack
Goose Squad Increase squad's combat defend
Drill Squad Increase squad's critical hit ability
Tiger Squad Increase squad's counter attack ability

Unlike the Army Squad, the Navy Squad are absolutely flexible. It did not fixed the Squad Type. Player can randomly

arrange the General slot as they wanted.