Epiphany General will increase the General Basic Stats,Stats Growth rate, Army Size capacity and change of Skill.

Press the above shown button to enter Epiphany interface.


In here you can see the changes after the General Epiphany done. The basic stats, the stats growth rate and also

the skill will be different.

Buns, Meats and Wines are required for Epiphany which could be earn from Jars Game ( Please refer to Jars Game at

GamePlay section ).

The requirement amount of the specified General for Epiphany are shown. Each General will have different

requirement amount needed.


When the requirement fullfilled, the process of Epiphany can begin.


To complete the process of Epiphany, click the Epiphany button.


Now u can compare the different between the General before and after the Epiphany process.


The General name changed into blue colour, the Skills also changed,

Stats and Army Size are different. The General are much stronger now.