Equipment Casting

Casting is a process where player can enhance thier equipment stats of Critical, Thwart and Damage Reduce.

Enter the Casting interface from the Shop Building. Select the Cast Item button next to Upgrade button.

There are 5 type of Casting mode. Each mode have different success rate. This mode are related to the VIP Status

of a player. Check VIP features at GamePlay Features section.


Smelting mode is a special mode. It doesnt consume anything but just require to sacrify a same class equipment.

The bigger square box represent the equipment that wanted to be cast. The small square box represent the equipment

that going to be sacrify.

Smelting sucessful and the result shown on the Item Info column. The result wasnt always merry, if you get

the result you wanted, click the Accept button. Otherwise click Maintain button.

Ultimate mode is the best result mode but still no promising of always merry. Its  mostly depending on the stats because

there will be a max stats of each cap Lv. of the player. The closer to the max, the harder of getting positive result.