Equipment and Upgrades


There are 7 equipment slot on a general to be equip.

Cloak, Weapon, Shield, Armor, Ride, Scripture and Artifact.

Each Equipment have its own ability.

R3K Equipment Category
No. Type Description
1 Weapons Increase General Physical Attack.
2 Armors Increase General Physical Defense.
3 Horses Increase General Combat Attack.
4 Cloaks Increase General Combat Defense.
5 Scriptures Increase General Strategic Attack.
6 Shields Increase General Strategic Defense.
7 Artifact Increase General Army Size.


Its very important for a player on equipping the correct equipment.

Player need to be wise to equip the equipment for the General.

Example : A General with Strategic Offensive. Its not necessary to equip him with good Ride. Its helpless to his skill.

Instead, a good Scripture would be very helpful.

When you find a good equipment, you can consider to upgrade it to be more powerful. To Upgrades equipment,

go to Shop and click on Upgrade section.

Before start upgrade, always remember to look at the upgrade success rate. There are 2 place that can view the rate.

This rate greatly affecting the Silver usage but there is still another way which by using Gold, it will be 100% success

which help a lot on saving the Silver from upgrades failed.