Cottages Patrol

Patrol System

When the town hall reached LV.60, click resident to enter the patrol interface, each lord has 4 chances for patrol, it’s available to

refresh area, location and character. Everyday after refresh elite, gamer will regain 4 patrol chances. The patrol differs from each other

while area ,location and character will combine randomly, different combination lead to different reward various from gold, silver and

weapon. In addition, the three terms can be refreshed infinitely.


To enter Patrol interface, click on ” Patrol” button through the Cottage Buildings.

Each turn of Patrol will have different combination of Area, Location and Person for rewards.

With some luck, you might get some combination which the reward will be the General Equipment. (Special Equipment)

for General Duel Battle use (Arena Cup).


Below are the chart of combination and the rewards.

Patrol Chart
Area Location Person Reward Silver
Hill Fortress Cave   Dart Blade  
Forest Cave   Iron Whip  
Village Hut   Jade Bracelet  
Palace Pavillion   Silver (Town Hall Lv x 500)
Xiangyang Restaurant   Silver (Town Hall Lv x 750)
Tianshui Post Station   Silver (Town Hall Lv x 1000)
Market Tavern   Short Halbert  
Outskirt Restaurant   Angular Mace  
Rice Field Pavillion   Phoenix Blade  
Rice Field Lumber Mill   The Book of Diseases  
Village Hut   Jasper Stone  
Hill Fortress Restaurant   Zhuge Powder  
Outskirt Cave   Throwing Knife  
Market Drain   Throwing Sword  
Village Pit   Throwing Arrows  
Xiangyang Tavern   Short Halbert  
Tianshui Restaurant   Angular Mace  
Market Post Station   Phoenix Blade  
Angry Woman  
Village Lumber Mill   The Book of Diseases  
Outskirt Pit   Jasper Stone  
Rice Field Tavern   Zhuge Powder  
Palace Drain   Throwing Knife  
Barrack Barrack   Throwing Sword  
Xiangyang Post Station   Throwing Arrows  
Ying Chang  
Palace Lumber Mill   Throwing Sword  
Tainshui Hut   Throwing Arrows  
Forest Tavern   Hidden Arrow  
Market Tavern   Angular Mace  
Xiangyang Post Station   Phoenix Blade  
Outskirt Restaurant   Tribulus Mace  
Hill Fortress Drain   Jasper Stone  
Village Pit   Zhuge Powder  
Rice Field Hut   Jasper  
Xiangyang Post Station   Spiked Thorn  
Market Pavillion   Iron Spear  
Palace Barrack   Green Pearl  
Ruan Yu  
Outskirt Pavillion   Throwing Knife  
Hill Fortress Restaurant   Throwing Axe  
Tianshui Drain   Short Halbert  
Xu Gan  
Rice Field Hut   Iron Mace  
Village Cave   Short Halbert  
Barrack Drain   The Book of Diseases  
Pang De Gong  
Village Restaurant   Ghost Talisman  
Hill Fortress Pavillion   Throwing Knife  
Palace Post Station   The Book of Diseases  
Shi Guang Yuan  
Outskirt Cave   Throwing Sword  
Barrack Tavern   Throwing Arrows  
Tianshui Cave   Hidden Arrow  
Village Lumber Mill   Throwing Knife  
Palace Drain   Short Halbert  
Meng Gong Wei  
Xiangyang Pit   Angular Mace  
Forest Pavillion   Phoenix Blade  
Hill Fortress Post Station   Tribulus Mace  
Rice Field Barrack   Short Halbert  
Outskirt Lumber Mill   The Book of Diseases  
Huang Cheng Yan  
Village Tavern   Jasper Stone  
Barrack Lumber Mill   Zhuge Powder  
Hill Fortress Pavillion   Jasper  
Forest Post Station   Throwing Knife  
Outskirt Restaurant   The Book of Diseases  
Master Mirror  
Village Hut   Dart Blade  
Barrack Post Station   Iron Whip  
Outskirt Lumber Mill   Jade Bracelet  
Forest Barrack   Jasper Stone  
Rice Field Pavillion   Ghost Talisman  
Cai Yong  
Rice Field Pavillion   Spiked Thorn  
Barrack Tavern   Iron Mace  
Xiangyang Cave   Iron Spear  
Market Restaurant   Green Pearl  
Tianshui Post Station   Throwing Axe  


While Patroling, you might encounter some NPC.

This NPC will be wandering around the Town.


Click on the NPC and answer the prompt question to earn rewards.

Different answer will receive different type of rewards.

For detail on the answers and reward, please refer to the below chart.

Patrol Npc Conversation Reward.
NPC Name Answers Selected Reward
Beggar 1 Reward Beggar 9 Morale
Hit Beggar 200 Silver
Beggar 2 Nice poetry, reward beggar! 8 Morale
Ignore 20 Fame
Beggar 3 Kick the Beggar Hidden arrow
Reward Beggar 8 Morale
Beggar 4 Help 5 Morale
Ridicule 250 Silver
Beggar 5 Pity 300 Silver
Leave 20 Fame
Trader 1 Choose an item Jasper
Walk away 10 Merits
Trader 2 Never seen any wallet 50 Fame
Help in finding 700 Silver
Trader 3 Kill bandits Dart Blade
Educate bandits 8 Morale
Trader 4 Nothing to do with me 50 Merits
Expand trade to country border 800 Silver
Trader 5 Negotiate for goods 500 Silver,8 Morale
Rob Goods 1000 Silver
Wealthy Man 1 Accept invitation 7 Morale
Politely refuse 25 Fame
Wealthy Man 2 Summon him 500 Silver
Go meet the candidate personally 40 Fame
Wealthy Man 3 Politely refuse 500 Silver
Gladly accepted Phoenix Beak Blade
Wealthy Man 4 Confirm tax increase 40 Fame
Decline tax increase 7 Morale
Wealthy Man 5 Agrees 40 Merits
Keep silent 20 gold
Bully 1 Defeat him up 10 Morale
Give away 750 Silver
Bully 2 Block the way 50 Fame
Arrest 50 Merits
Bully 3 Admire 500 Silver
Leave 30 Fame
Bully 4 Arrested and interrogated 7 Morale
Track secretly 70 Merits
Bully 5 Persuade to join army 35 Fame
Set up interview 800 Silver
General 1 Very well managed 50 Merits
Promote 8 Morale
General 2 Dismiss general 25 Fame
Understand General's concern and cancel dismiss order 50 Merits
General 3 Comfort 35 Fame
Understand General's concern and cancel dismiss order 40 Merits
General 4 Beheaded 50 Fame
Interrogate spy 500 Silver
General 5 Try to retain general 8 Morale
Let him decide himself 20 gold
Old woman 1 Tell the truth 25 gold
Comfort 8 Morale
Old women 2 Encourage Production 1000 Silver
Reward Farming and Weaving materials 500 Silver
Old women 3 Set up search party 9 Morale
Ignore 40 Fame
Old women 4 Set up search party 5 Morale
Ignore 40 Fame
Old women 5 Help thread Iron Tribulus Mace
Ignore 25 Fame
Old man 1 Help move personally 25 gold
Get subordinate to help 400 Silver
Old man 2 Immediately repair 7 Morale
Repair tomorrow 28 gold
Old man 3 Ignore 35 Fame
Laughs and leave 1000 Silver
Old man 4 Massage legs 9 Morale
Comfort the old man 16 gold
Old man 5 Punish son 5 Morale
Assist old man 45 Fame
Girl 1 Find puppy 28 gold
Get subordinate to help 40 Fame
Girl 2 I am a stranger 6 Morale
Ignore 35 Merits
Girl 3 He will be back 20 gold
He will not be back 40 Merits
Girl 4 Poor child 40 Fame
Walk away 50 Fame
Girl 5 Admire 35 Fame
There are no absolutes 30 gold
Soldier 1 Gladly accepted 40 Merits
Politely refuse 30 Fame
Soldier 2 Call medical personnal Zhuge Powder
Reward Gold for service 8 Morale ,800 Silver
Soldier 3 Prepare new armors 40 Fame
Ignore 1000 Silver
Soldier 4 Promote now 7 Morale
Ignore 500 Silver
Soldier 5 Boost Morale 30 Fame
Reward the armed forces 70 Merits
Strategist 1 Your Lord is next to you 10 gold
Ignore 9 Morale
Strategist 2 Stay Calm 17 gold
You are Exaggerating 40 Fame
Strategist 3 Ask the next sentence 15 gold
What is that ? 1000 Silver
Strategist 4 Make arrangements for an assistant 10 Morale
Be more efficient 8 Morale
Strategist 5 Sure, lets set up a meet up right away 50 Merits
Send a messenger 500 Silver
Young girl 1 Covers face and walk away 50 Fame
Remain calm and smile 30 Fame
Young girl 2 Good poetry girl 22 gold
What does it mean? 17 gold ,7 Morale
Young girl 3 Reject 30 Fame
Nod 500 Silver
Young girl 4 Send subordinated to help her 20 Merits
Take her in for caring 10 Morale,20 Fame
Young girl 5 Never seen him 1000 Silver
Help with search 8 Morale ,50 Merits