Invading Battle

Invading Battle is an action where a player go to attack otther Kingdom Players but only limited to the same Lv category city.

To invade, firstly click on World map then click on other Kingdom city.

Inside the city region, you will found many other Kingdom players town. Click to them to start the invading.

But before that you have to make sure the selected player are not in protected mode.

The above image shown that the selected player are not in the protected mode and attack is possible.

Inside the battle scene.

Sometimes, stronger player does not mean 100% winning. Above example has shown the result.

Squad, Army Type, General skills and positioning are very important too.

Now you can see the player that you have attacked is under protection period.

You or other Kingdom player need to wait for 20sec to launch next attack on this player.

The protection period are different depending on the Infamy status of the player.

Hints : Invading is the fastest way to gain Fames but your infamy will increase fast if you invading too much.

Infamy are well known as PK count. Higher infamy subject to enemy plunder due to the low protection period.