Land & Sea Scenario

Scenarios Campaign is one of the major important features in the game.


Completing the Scenarios will earn you rewards. Please refer to INGAME REWARDS (Achievement)

for more informations.


In Scenarios battles, you will encounter some General and they will join your courses if you win against them.

Please refer to SCENE’S GENERALS section for more informations.


Click the Scene button to enter Scenario Campaign interface.

Now you are in the Scenario Campaign interface. You can see some army forces at the map.

More forces will appear when you successfully winning the existing one. Click the highlighted forces to start Battle.

Inside a battle scene.

Each battle winning might drop you some items or equipment. The drop rate is depending on the gred of the items.

The higher gred, the harder its drop rate.

When successfully win all the Battles in the specified Scenario, next Scenario will be open.

Now lets move to Sea Battle.

Entering Naval Scenario by going to Port and click on Naval Scene.

This is the Naval Scenario Campaign interface. Click on the ships to start the battles.

Inside battle scene.

You can gather Ship building material from winning the Naval Scene Battles. For more information on Ship Building, please refer to