Pagoda Infiltration

Click on Pagoda building to enter Pagoda Infiltrate Battle interface. There are 2 feature of Infiltration.

Manual Infiltrate or Auto Infiltrate.

Manual Infiltrate :

Pagoda Infiltration require 3 Token or 3 Battle Order. It will consume Token first but if you are insufficient Token, it will

continue with Battle Order. Token can be earn from Army War. Please refer to Army War for more information.

Inside the Infiltrate interface, there is some option like Auto complete the entire process of infiltrate and

show each of the battle. Tick the box if you wish to activate the options.

You will gain Crystal and Soul from this battle.

Crystal can be smelt into soul. There is 2 option of using Gold Smelting which can gain more soul.

Great Smelting will give you chances of getting double soul in return or Best Smelting to gain Triple.

Click Start to complete the process.


Auto Infiltrate :

This action is basically for soul farming which would be faster but only able to infiltrate the Pagoda Lv that you have passed and

it will consume Gold too.

Example for the image above : You can set Auto Infiltrate on the Pagoda Lv132 but you cant set on Lv133 cause you have not

complete the Lv133.

You can set the Auto Infiltrate as much times as you like as long as you have enough Token and Gold.

You can see Gold and Token required and the Item that you going to get from this number times of Auto Infiltrate.