Sacred Soul Battle

Sacred Souls obtained through Sacred Soul Battle. Click Sacred Soul button at the

Pagoda building to enter Sacred Soul Battle interface.

There are total 6 Lv of Sacred Creature Battle. Higher Lv gain better amount of Soul but the battle going to harder too.

Sacred Soul Battle require Souls and Souls gain from Pagoda Infiltration.

This is the introductions of Sacred Souls.

General Enhancement require Sacred Soul. Please refer to General Enhancement section for more information.

There are some option for you to choose in order to skip the Introduction (1) step by clicking the Worship button

directly unlocking the Lv4 Sacred or Use Gold for direct attacking Lv5 Sacred.

There is another option which will consume 10 Gold to ensure 100% winning on the battle. With this option you can prevent from losing


When you are ready, just click the selected Lv of Sacred that you wanted to challenge.

Inside battle scene.

Sacred Soul gain depending on which Sacred Creature that you are battling with and Sacred Creature are appear randomly.