Vassal Conquering

Vassal Conquering is one of the Silver earning feature.

To start conquer a player, click on the Region button at the Town interface.

In the Region, you will see many same Kingdom player Town.

Before conquering a player, you can check for his/her status. If that player already been conquered, it will shown his/her lord name.

This player is test004 and he/she already been conquered by player name test001

You can still conquer him/her but you have to face his/her lord army. If you do not want to make enemy

with some player, you always have the option to look for other un-conquered player to conquer.


This player do not have lord which mean he/she are not conquered by anyone. Press ” Conquer ” to conquer and confirm.

If you win, he/she will become your Vassal.

You can check your Vassal status at Town Hall or click your own Town at the Region map.

When you succeeded conquer a player and become your Vassal, you will enjoy the tribute given from your Vassal Taxation.

Although the tribute is base on the Taxation action by your Vassal but it is not deduct directly from his/her Taxation Income.

Its the system will bear the amount but base on the value of income of your Vassal. By this, you do not need to worry

if you are being conquered and affecting your Taxation Income. The more Vassal you got, the more Silver tribute you earn.