R3K (v1.1.8) Patch Features

Totem  VS  Forging

Totem and Forging is a new features for R3K to enhance your equipment other than Upgrade Functions.

Qualification of Totem:

  1. Defeat Battle Of Barbarians (MengHuo Unit)
  2. Town Hall must be Lv 100 and above
  3. Equipment which need to insert the Totem must already been forged.

When all requirements met, your item will show as below:

The button of the right bottom side (Forging Interface)

Forging features is very complicated where you need not only the Jewels(Topaz or Emerald) but also materials that drop by certain scene NPC.

Totem Info:

Currently there are 3 types of Totem, which is ATK (All Attack), DEF (All Defend), ARM (General’s Army capacity)

Same Type of Totem cannot be inserting into same equipment.

Two same grade Totem can be merge, and become a higher grade Totem.

Insertion would not destroy any of your Totems, and can be detach from the equipment.


Totem Warehouse:

Totem Warehouse main function is to merge your Totems to higher Grade. Two type of merging actions are available Drag to Merge/Merge All

Note: Totem Warehouse capacity is unlimited.


Caravans  :


Each year of R3K (In game 1 year equal to  4 days of real time) will have 12 times FOC dispatch for Caravan Team.


Gold Dispatch:

According to VIP Level:


Wu Caravan = Approximate obtain 2 Totems.

Shu Caravan = May obtain 3 Totems.

Wei Caravan = Approximate obtain 2 Grade Totem.

Han Caravan = May obtain 3 Grade Totem.