R3K (v1.1.9) Patch Features

Patch Info

1. Added Tier 5 army types.

          – Requirements for upgrading:

          – Cleared Pagoda up to floor 140,

          – 50,000 souls.

          – 3,000,000 silvers.

          – General has undergone 20 rebirths.

2. New Scenario map.

           – Yang Hu Forces – Battle of JieTing

           – New tavern hero Yang Hu, available after clearing.

3. Pagoda levels 141 to 160 opened.

4. Army war feature changes

           – First time clearance tip added.

           – Invite option added.

           – First time clearance for Army Wars from “Dong Zhuo forces – Battle of Changan” onwards do not consume Battle Order.

5. “Show battle” checkbox added. Fought battles can be skipped by unchecking the option.

6. Initial silver limit increased from 50,000 to 500,000. Limit increment from Treasury is unchanged.

7. Hint buttons added with additional rewards upon completion.

8. Some beginner equipment level requirements lowered.


Additional Info Description.

– Battle of JieTing

Achievement reward for Battle of JieTing:  Demigod Tiger

Drops from scene battleNaraka Shield

New General from Tavern after clearing Battle of JieTing: Yang Hu

– Yang Hu’s Skills and Stat Growth

Slayer’s Call – [Strategic] An attack on a single unit and increase self morale for 145.

Polaris – [Strategic] A damaging attack on all enemy units and restores self morale by 50.

– Hint Buttons


– Show Battle checkbox