R3K (v1.2.0) Patch Features

1.2.0 Updates

Hexer morale gain from normal attacks raised from 25 to 34

Earth Magus morale gain from normal attacks raised from 25 to 34

Fixed a bug concerning a general rebirth quest.

Added a new scenario map, Zhong Hui Forces – Battle of JianGe

Sea Trading: Added a link in the message after being robbed to locate the attacker’s location.

Pirate Wars:Clicking on a ship that has been destroyed no longer creates a dialog box requiring confirmation.

Added Millenium Prison

-Accessible from the world map

-Organize raid parties to fight against ancient beasts

-Rewards includes fame, high grade totems, tokens, equipments and jewels!

.1.1   Battle of JianGe

Achievement RewardDemigod Code

Clearing Reward50 Topaz

New GeneralZhong Hui (Acquired from Tavern)

.1.2   New Abilities

-Zhong Hui after Epiphany = Agitate


.1.3   Millenium Prison

Enabled when players reach level 105. It is accessed from the World map interface.

.1.4   Millenium Prison Boss Screenshots


.1.4.1         Party Creation

-Every raid instance will consume 1 Battle Order and 1 additional battle order for every subsequent instance.

-Resets at 4am daily.

-Players would not be able to enter raid instances without sufficient Battle Orders.

.1.4.2         Organizing a Party

-The interfaces for creating raid instances are similar to army wars

-The invite button functions similarly to the invite button in Army Wars.

.1.5   Rules of engagement

-3 minutes time limit.

-Click on the entry point to enter the arena (Similar to Pillage Wars)

-Defeated players would be out of play and the damage dealt to the boss would be displayed along with the Battle Report

-Players are entitled to 3 free “revives” per raid.

-“Continue Battle” button would appear after the 3 free revives has been used. It takes 5 gold to revive once and 5 additional gold for each subsequent revives up to a limit of 20 gold.

-Does not consume army count.

.1.6   How to win

-It is counted as a players’ win when the boss’ HP is reduced to zero.

-It is the bosses’ win if no player revives for 20 seconds after all their free revives has been used.

-It is the bosses’ win if it is not defeated within 3 minutes.

.1.7   Boss Settings

-The boss is immune to all debuffs

-The HP for the boss is shared among all participants of the raid.

.1.8   Withdrawing from Raid

-When a player leaves the battle interface, there would be a button on the right for him to jump right back into the action.

-When a player is engaged in one raid that is in progress he may not join another raid.

-Disconnecting during a raid is considered as a full withdrawal from the raid, no rewards would be given.

.1.9   Rewards

-Rewards include Silvers, Souls, Tokens, Equipments, Totems and Jewels.

-Rewards would be given to all players of the raid.