R3K (v1.2.1) Patch Features

Patch notes:

1. New scenario map: GongSun Yuan Forces – Battle of LiaoDong

2. New navy map: WuLin Pirates

3. New general: GongSun Xiu (Acquired from Tavern)

4. GongSun Xiu skills:
Before epiphany: Rail Gun – [Physical] An attack on a single unit and gains Invincibility for 1 turn.
After epiphany: Impale – [Physical] An attack on all enemy units, increases dramatically in damage as army size reduces.

5. General skill change: WeiYan’s skill after epiphany changed from –
Tremor – [Combat] A damaging attack on a horizontal row of units.

to    Burst Out – [Combat] An attack on a single unit and inflicts Desertion for 3 turns. Increases self morable for 145.

6.0 Skill effect change: Evil Tiger – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units with chance to prevent army recovery. Can be activated again next turn.
6.1  Skill effect change: Red Thunder – [Strategic] An attack on a horizontal row of units with chance to cause Chaos. Increases self morale  for 145.
6.2 Skill effect change: Immolate – “[Combat] A damaging attack on a vertical line of units by sacrificing a portion of your army.” Damage to self reduced.

7.0 UI Improvement: Changed the login, loading and character creation screen.
7.1  UI Improvement: Increased Sacred Soul insertion rate.
7.2 UI Improvement: Additional confirmation screen added to tavern chat when refreshing with highlighted general.
7.3 UI Improvement: Changed sorting of generals that has never been recruited in the “recruit” tab.
7.4 UI Improvement: Added a popup window for incomplete daily tasks when logging out.
7.5 UI Improvement: Walkthroughs will now be sorted by nation, players would be viewing own nation Battle Reports by default.
7.6 UI Improvement: Pagoda walkthroughs have been added, similarly sorted by nations.

8. Cooldown change: Moving no longer has a cooldown.

9.1 Millenium Prison Changes: Added new boss for level 165 – Ba She the Python
9.2 Millenium Prison Changes: Topaz reward for defeating Ya Yu the dragon changed from 2 to 3.

10. Rebirth changes: Added an auto rebirth feature – Generals are rebirthed when they are in training (even when offline) and have reached appropriate levels. This feature is free and it is limited to VIP2 and above.

11. Pirate war changes: Added two new ship types Strong CannonShip and Strong CannonWarShip. They are 30 points and 33 points respectively.

12. Navy trade changes: Added Luminous Pearl after trades terminal reaches lv.160, purchase price is at 20,000 silvers and selling price is at 26,000 silvers for a profit of 6,000 silvers.