Beginner Guide

General operation

The building in the tower is needed to update again and again. Open any building and click update button can update the building level. Ordinary building’s level can exceed Town hall level. In the Town interfaces you can also reap, sell or buy crops, train your heroes and produce goods for sale…….

Every battle scene distributed different hostile forces, so long as defeat them you can go to the higher level scene. The black is common enemy, yellow is elite and you can get equipment randomly, when you defeated the red enemy, the leader of them will service you.

General level, equipment quality and battle formations (squad) are factors of victory.


In mineral interfaces, you can occupy farm and silver mine by defeated local army, so you can gain crops and silver, after a period the resource will exhaust and you need to occupy again.


On the world map there are many cities and during your growth period more and more city will open to you. You can check all the cities and relocate to areas of your own faction. You are allowed to attack or subjugate the hostile faction.


In the region interfaces mail, merchants and conquer your neighbor.