Fame is used to recruit certain Generals and promote Title, which provides the player additional attack and defense bonus.

It can be gained through the following ways:

No Method of Earning Fame
1 The best way to gain Fame is by Invading other Kingdom players. The larger Enemy Army Size you defeated, the more Fame u gained.
2 City Development. There are 3 category of investment. 500 silver, 1000 Silver and 2000 Silver.
3 In the World Map , there is some Farms and Silver Mines. Join the Battle to occupy those resources land and City War will able to gain some Fame. If winning the Battle, more Fame will be Rewarded.
4 Tavern Chat, Levy Event or Patrol System may also randomly gain fame.
5 Joining the Arena Battle may gain fame too. The higher ranking u qualified , the more Fame you may obtained.
6 Using the Merits to exchange for Fame at Town Hall.