Silver is the main currency in R3K.It can be used to Lv up the City Infrastructure, upgrade equipment, buy certain gears in the shop,


It can be gained through following ways:

No Method of Earning Silvers
1 Collect Daily Taxation and Gold Taxation.
2 Workshop Produce and Gold Produce.
3 Sell Equipment at Shop.
4 Occupy Silver Mine.
5 Sell Food from Harvesting and Occupy Farm at Market.
6 Conquer Vassals and gain Silver through Tribute.
7 Completing Achivement Events
8 Completing Quests and Daily Quests.
9 Completing Daily Activities Event.
10 Joining Arena Battle or Bet on Challenger ( Only If you Win).
11 Collect daily Title salary.
12 Patrol System and Gold Patrol.
13 System Random Event. (Additional)