Clan War

Farm & Sliver

There are several Farms and Mines in World map. It means a lot to occupy them to gain battle resource, which will strengthen the clan. Occupy Farms to gain food and occupy Mines to gain silver.

Clan Leader organize members and launch war of Farm or Mine at 19:00 every day.

Only the clan leader and deputy clan leader are allowed to launch attacks. There are totally 30 minutes for leader to organize the army and the war will start every evening.

It’s available for 50 members to join the war .

Clan resource:

The winner of Clan War will gain food of clan resource from the world for 6 times every day, it’s also possible to gain food and silver in double. Clan resource will be given up automatically every winter and it needs to be reoccupied.

Clan Motivation:

When organizing members, gamer can boost morale of the army. There are two ways, merit motivation and gold motivation. It will be failed sometime and if succeed, gamer will gain attack bonus and defense bonus, and sometimes gamer will get special skills in random when bonus reached 5.

When motivation succeed, gamer will gain LV1 defense power or LV1 attack power in random. Each attack bonus will increase 3% damage and each defense bonus will decrease 3% hurt. It’s possible to gain special skills when boost morale:

(1)Continuous: Increase 2 continuous winning

(2)Iron Wall:Increase LV.4 Defense Power

(3)Valor:Increase LV.4Attack Power

(4)Fearless:Increase LV.2 Attack and Defense Power

City War

City War is available every autumn (fall), there’re 6 cities available to be fight for. Gamer should defeat the City Guard Squad to control the city and gain resource and profit of the city.