Taxation Event


Levy Event
Event Option Answer 1 Reward Option 1 Option Answer 2 Reward Option 2
Treasure Hunt There is no treasure ! Morale + 4 Let's go for Treasure hunt Gold + 3
Unfortunate Couple Help Them ! Morale + 7 Stop them ! Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
My Precious I don't tust him ! Gold + 5 What a precious ! Morale + 7,Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
New Religion Invite him for a feast. Morale + 4 Interrogate him. Daily Taxation + 1
Deserter Leave him be Silver(PlyerLv x 20) Send him home. Morale + 6
Floods Feed them. Morale + 7 Restore those villages. Morale + 7,Silver(PlayerLv x 20)
Sandstorm Restore those villages Morale + 4 Clean up the town. Silver(PlayerLv x 50)
Arid Dig the well deeper ! Morale + 5 Pray to the Gods Morale + 7
Locust Cook the Locust, there is no Gods. Morale + 6 Eliminate the locust and replant the crops Morale + 5,Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
Burglar Reduce the tax. Morale + 4 Hunt him down ! Silver(PlayerLv x 40)
Tiger Hunt the beast ! Morale + 5 Warn my people. Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
Plague Seek for a cure. Morale + 6 Control the epidemic. Silver(PlayerLv x 40)
Market bully Put him on court. Morale + 5 Beat him to death ! Morale + 4
Swordman Recruit him. Morale + 6 Challenge him Morale + 5
Crying child Provide shelter and food. Morale + 8 Advice her to get a job. Silver(PlayerLv x 10)
Lazy Beggar Tell him not to be lazy and get a job. Silver(PlayerLv x 20) Give money, ordered him to leave. Morale + 4
Nanhua God Be courteous, get advice on how to bring peace. Morale + 7 Invite to talk about the world. Gold + 3
ZuoCi God Dismount from horse and try getting advice. Morale + 6 Ignore and leaves. Daily Taxation + 1
Mantis blocks carriage Command horse to keep moving forward. Daily Taxation + 1 Detour the carriage. Morale + 4
Strong Warhorse Smiles and admire the old man for his loyalty. Morale + 7 Politely refuse and invite old man to have a feast. Morale + 8
A fairy appears Paint out the scene, for the unforgettable incident. Morale + 5,Daily Taxation + 1 Invite fairy back to your town. Morale + 8
Wilderness Skeleton Dismount to investigate Silver(PlayerLv x 15) Sense danger, ordered for retreat Morale + 7
Ancient battlefield Nonsense, there's surely an logical explanation for it Morale + 5 Arrange prayers for the lost souls Morale + 6
Flying stone Get people's help on repairs for the road Morale + 5 Sent troops quarrying, to build a new road Fame(PlayerLv x 5)
Lunar Eclipse Laugh and ignore Fame(PlayerLv x 5) Observe and prepare for the worst Fame(PlayerLv x 10)
Wooden Horse Disperse the crowd to maintain order Morale + 4,Fame(PlayerLv x 5) Hire the creator Morale + 5
Found Gold hairpin Keep it to yourself. Gold + 5 Turned it over and placed it in the lost and found bin. Morale + 5,Fame(PlayerLv x 5)
Famous Scholar Sent an invitation out to him Fame(PlayerLv x 4) Visit him personally Morale + 6,Daily Taxation + 1
Western messenger Reject request Morale + 4 Sent troops to help solve the problem Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Enemy merchant Confiscate horses, tortured for intelligence Silver(PlayerLv x 15) Beheaded all spies to set example Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Enemy fugitives Accept them in and strengthen border defense Morale + 4 Send troops out to arrest them Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Good harvest Attend and enjoy celebrations with the people Morale + 8 Stop the feast and advice people on storing up more food in case of emergency. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Summoned by Emperor Xian Denies all responsibility and ignore invitation Gold + 5 Pleased to join the discussion, to find solution Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Oil Collection Stop distributing oil. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Increase oil production Morale + 8
Peace and harmony Being unprepared for war would be too dangerous to us. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Always preparing for war would only bring chaos to the world. Morale + 5
Market Hero Listens and laughs Fame(PlayerLv x 7) Go get to know people in the brotherhood Morale + 5
Rumors Reassure people that there is no incoming attack Morale + 4 Seal off City Gates, and capture the spies Fame(PlayerLv x 7)
Ambushed Boost soldier morale, defend and wait for backup. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Retreat for now, and call in backup for counter attack Silver(PlayerLv x 17)
Western village riots Lead an army to stop riot, kill on sight. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Investigation the situation, and apprehend the leader Silver(PlayerLv x 22)
Rock Slide Help out victims, repair houses Morale + 6 Organize group moving to another Town. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Winged Ballista Judge according to law Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Approves talent, hire into government arms division Morale + 7
Imperial tomb raiders Cover up the story, and attend to the matter personally Gold + 5 Make an announcement to the public, and repair the imperial tombs Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Dark clouds Point towards clear sky ahead, and orders to march towards it Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Turn and quickly head back to City. Morale + 6
Yellow Turban Ex-Militia Recruit them Morale + 6 Destroy their troops and base. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Offerings Meet him at the City Gates to greet him. Morale + 6 Inform the guards to escort them in. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Justice and Bravery Judge according to law Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Reward the swordsman bravery in private Morale + 5
Homeless victims Let them in, it's more important to help out the victims. Morale + 7 Do not let them in, chase them away to another city. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Raging bull Send personnels to catch the bull, and seek medical attention for the injured Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Hands-on, fight the Raging Bull! Morale + 5
Watchtower on fire Move Oil and demolish the Warehouse Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Personally supervise in putting out the fire. Morale + 5
Punish corrupted officials Investigate and make arrest Morale + 5 Decapitation in public, as a warning to others Fame(PlayerLv x 3)