R3K (v1.2.2) Patch Features

New features of our upcoming patch V1.2.2! Coming very soon!


System changes:

-Pagoda Infiltration is now enabled for VIPo players  and above. Price for Auto infiltration reduced from 2 gold to 1 gold per infiltration and cost is eliminated for VIP3 players and above.

-Mine and Farm ownership time under the Mineral interface is extended from 3 hours to 6 hours.

-City development costs increased by 300%. Rewards from development is also increased by 300%. Development cooldown extended to 24 hours.

Cooldown changes:

– Navy trade ship robbing cooldown removed.

-Mine/Farm plunder cooldown removed.

-Militia Recruitment cooldown removed.

-Harvest for Farm in town hall interface cooldown removed.

-Taxation cooldown removed.

-Production cooldown removed.


New Scenario Map: GongSun Yuan Forces – Battle of XiangPing


New level limit: Level 170 is unlocked after clearing the last NPC of Battle of XiangPing


New General: Xin Pi (Acquired from Tavern)

Xin Pi Skills:

Before Epiphany – Tidal Wave [Strategic] A damaging water attack on a vertical line of units.

After Epiphany – Icicles [Strategic] An attack on a single unit that increases in strength as self army size reduces.


New System – Citadel Wars*

-You may join 10 times a day, the first two entries are free.

-Each entry after the two free entry has a 10 gold entry fee and there would be no rewards.

-Applications starts at every hour from 1300hrs to 2200hrs.

-Application period is 5 minutes.

-When there are 20 players in an instance they would be automatically arranged into two teams “Han Forces*” and “Insurrection*”.

-Players are not sorted according to their nation

-Linked servers will join the same instance

-A player may quit to the main interface and re-enter the battlefield using a quit button.


New Equipment – Added level 130 equipments, can be upgraded from Dynasty Items. (Only the Weapon is currently available at the moment, forging items exchanged using medals earned from Citadel Wars.)


Totem – Gold Dispatch no longer has a dispatch limit.

Totem – Merchants’ effects are strengthened.


Skill changes: Mad – Damage increased by 20%

Skill changes: Dark Flame – Damage increased by 20%


*: Names are currently tentative and subject to change when necessary.