R3K (v1.3.1) Patch Features

New v1.3.1 patch info


System Changes:

Gold Practice – Now available to VIP0
Production – Gold Produce now has an upper limit of 50 gold per production.
Training slots – Maximum training slots available increased to 30. Current VIPs will have their maximum purchasable slots adjusted.
Casting – Ultimate Refine VIP requirement lowered to VIP5, Supreme Refine now available to VIP0 players
Hunting – Double Reward Hunting VIP requirement lowered to VIP1, non VIP players can now use Single Reward Hunting.

New System – Marriage. Manor enabled after reaching level 120. Meeting legendary beauties, marriage and producing an offspring is possible within this system available on the bottom right bar next to the Govt button. More on the marriage system here.

Citadel War changes:

Applications are now available anytime between 1200hrs to 0030hrs every day.
Changed the minimum participants of the war to 10 players (5v5)
Instance starts as soon as 5v5 or higher balanced teams are reached with a countdown where players are allowed to join up until 10 seconds before the actual war starts.
Improved the format and UI for application
Improved the calculation of score.
Reduced the medals needed for exchanging higher grade totems.
Added a new category to Medals Shop – Unique Items
Added amulets – Amulets are available at the end of Citadel Wars to multiply your medals reward up to 5 times!

Other changes:

New Scenario Map: Wen Yang – Battle of DiDao
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Samsara Unicorn)


New Scenario Map: Zhuge Yan – Battle of DongXing
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Samsara Shield)


New Scenario Map: ShanYue Forces – Battle of DanYang
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Topaz x200)


New Level Limit: Level 175 available after defeating the last NPC in the Battle of DongXing.

New General – Wen Yang, available after defeating the last NPC in the Battle of DongXing.
Before Epiphany: Fearless Charge [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units and deals extra damage to the backmost unit.
After Epiphany: Suppression [Combat]Continuous Attack on a vertical line of units, chance to reduce hit unit’s attack for 1 round.


New Equipment – Lv130 Conqueror’s Armor, forged from Lv120 Dynasty Platemail with Conquerer’s Pearl and War Stone + 1000 Topaz.




*** RMS R3K Team.