Marriage Features

Marriage Features

The marriage system is separated into three distinct phases.
The manor is accessible whenever you are in your city interface on the bottom bar next to the govt button. It is enabled after your town hall have reached level 120.


Phase 1 – Visiting ladies.

1. Bottom left section opens up the “Visiting” interface.
2. This interface shows a list of NPCs that you may interact with for various rewards (However it consumes 1 talking chance per NPC interacted with.)
3. If you have found a lady with a purple name (Via refreshing) or an orange name (only via gold visit), you may click on her to enter the next interface.
4. This interface would show the type of boost the lady would confer to the player if she becomes his or her confidant.
5. There are 3 options here: Talk gives 14 to 20 closeness points and consumes 1 talking chance.
6. Inviting the lady to be your confidant is enabled after closeness reaches level 15.



Phase 2 – Forming a family.

1. After a lady becomes your confidant, she is accessible at all times from the “visiting” interface.
2. Talking would still consume 1 talking chance and give 14-20 closeness points.
3. Gifting is enabled only after the lady becomes your confidant, you may now choose a gift if you possess any for more closeness points.
4. After reaching level 40. Talking with your confidant might trigger a proposal event.
5. If your proposal was successful and you defeat the bully you will now have the Bedroom interface.
6. Your wife will now confer to you a much bigger boost to your abilities on the battlefield.
7. When your closeness reaches level 43. Gifting would carry a chance of triggering a pregnancy event.
8. The child would be born after 3 quarters and can be nurtured to be a general with stats and skills dependant on the “Coaching” process.
9. Please remember to pick a name for your child.



Phase 3 – Coaching your child

1. After your child is born, the “Study” interface would be enabled.
2. You may now assign a coach to your child and start nurturing your child to be a great general.
3. You have 12 free chances at coaching everyday.
4. There are six areas your child can be coached on for his or her stats. 3 for initial stats and 3 for stat growth.
5. After the stats have been determined it is time to train for a skill and job.
6. When the progress bar reaches 100% your child is ready to be a general in the battlefield.
7. He or she can be recruited in the vacant generals list.



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