R3K (v1.3.2) Patch Features

Patch Notes. ( v1.3.2 )

General stat changes
Initial stats raised to 65, 60, 72 from the original 50, 56, 70.
Stat growth raised to 2.3, 2.5, 2.3 from the original 1.2, 2.3, 1.9

Initial stats raised to 60, 65, 75 from the original 50, 56, 72.
Stat growth raised to 2.2, 2.7, 2.4 from the original 2.0, 2.0, 2.4
XiaoQiao’s skill after Epiphany changed to Boosting

– System Changes: Silver limit raised for every level of Treasury doubled.
– Skill changes: Damage for the skills God of Wind, Blood Levy, WarMount, Ride Hunt has been increased.
– UI Changes: Topup interface improved with clearer information and a VIP features table.
– UI Changes: Hero button added to Nation War interface to ease change of formations.
– UI Changes: Child Training phase 1, Medium Effect training is now Blue in colour; Low Effect training is now white in colour.
– UI Changes: Tooltips added in Child Training phase 2 that shows possible skills from the training given. (Strategic army types are NOT available if the skill’s name is in white within the tooltip.)
– New Equipment: Added “Valkyr Stone”, used for forging Conqueror’s Cloak and Conqueror’s Mount. 5000 Medals per stone.
– New System: Mystery Merchant – Emeralds can now be exchanged for Topaz, exchange ratios are 5:1.
– New System: Events List interface, events are now grouped together, Festive, Topup and various other server launch events are now internalized within the game under this interface.
– New System: City Facade, change the look of your city in the region interface by fulfilling different requirements.

– New Map: Wang Ji – Battle of ChangYang, Achievement Reward: Samsara Unicorn; Clearance Reward: Topaz x50.
– New Secret Map: Dark Cave, found within Yudu – Neither Man Nor Beast, Army war drops Sky Stone.
– New General: Wang Ji, obtainable after defeating the last NPC in Battle of ChangYang.
Wang Ji’s Skills
-Before Epiphany: Disarm – [Combat] An attack on a single unit and renders enemy unable to attack for 1 turn.
-After Epiphany: BeatDown – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of enemies and recovers self morale by 50. Chance to inflict chaos for 1 turn.

– Citadel War Changes: Joining for 3rd time onwards no longer uses 10 gold, however medals are still only rewarded for first 2 entries in a day.

– Sacred Souls Changes: Phoenix Soul effect raised to 500 army/lv from 300 army/lv.
– Equipment changes: Conqueror items army size growth raised to 40/upgrade lv from 32/upgrade lv.

New skills:
Added the following six skills to be learned by a child:

– Giant Sword – [Combat] An attack on a horizontal row of units, damage increases when enemy morale is high. Recovers self morale by 50.
– Deadly Spear – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units, chance to inflict Soulless which reduces 50 morale per turn.
– Decay – [Physical] An attack on a single target, inflicts Venom, a stackable status effect with increasing damage per stack.
– Thunderclap – [Strategic] An attack on a single target, damage increases when enemy morale is high.
– Sudden Death – [Combat] Strong attack on a single target, reduces self defense for 30% while raising attack for 2 turns. Recovers self morale for 145.
– Sleep – AOE skill. Chance to inflict sleep on enemies. Any damage received will wake the enemy. Lasts for 3 turns.


* RMS R3K Team