R3K (v1.3.3) Patch Features

R3K v1.3.3 Patch Info

– World Interface: City Development cooldown reduced to 20 hours from 24 hours.

– Pagoda: Pagoda Levels 161 to 180 opened.

– Secret Cave: Obsidian Pit, entered from Battle of ShanYue.

– New Scene: Zhuge Yan – ShouChun Rebellion.

– New Army Type: T5.5 – A strengthened version of the Tier 5 army types. Materials to upgrade your army type can be found in the new Secret Cave “Obsidian Pit”

– Defeating the last NPC in Zhuge Yan – ShouChun Rebellion will enable level up of Town Hall to lv180.

– Manor – Study: Added auto training, available from VIP9 onwards, parameters include training effectiveness and auto blessing. Refresh will be done automatically in this training mode.

– Manor – Auto-talk, available from VIP8 onwards, you can pick the ladies that you would like to auto talk to.

– Lucky Spin – Auto spin, you can key in the amount you want to open at once.

Tavern chat – Auto chat, auto refreshes until a general appears, available from VIP6 onwards.

– Appoint – Auto sell lower grade equipment, available from VIP3 onwards.

– Dispatch – Auto refresh, will refresh until all 4 traders are here. Available from VIP8 onwards.

– Warehouse – Downgrade button now changed to Degrade.

– Sacred Souls:Auto attack Sacred Beasts. Parameters include using Worship or Gold worship. (VIP6 requirement for Gold Worship still applies.)

– Citadel Wars: Botting feature for Citadel Wars added. However players much manually collect their rewards after the war ends.

*** RMS R3K Team.