R3K (V1.3.4 & V1.3.5) Patch Features

R3K v1.3.4 & v1.3.5 Patch Info

  • Millenium Prison: ZhuYan the Ape (Lv170)
  • Scene Battle: Additional Elite Obsidian armies open at Lv170. Drops additional item “Oblivion Orders” which randomly drops Silvers, Merits and Materials for Army Type Upgrades.
  • Scene Battle: XiaHou Wei, NiuTouShan. Achievement Reward: Topaz x300, Clearance Reward: Topaz x75. No new Tavern Generals.
  • Army Type Upgrade: Additional 11 variations of T5.5 Army Types now open.
  • Citadel War: Can set auto amulet use. Set it up a multiplier you’d like to have and it will auto refresh until it reaches it. NOTE: It will not go ABOVE your selection, there will be no chances of it reaching 5x Multiplier if your selection is to stop at 4x Multiplier.
  • Totems: Level 15 totems are now available
  • Manor: Added “Happiness”, happiness will affect bonuses conferred by the girl or lady. Raised by talking or gifting.
  • Casting: Added a stat locking feature. Stats locked will not change but the price of casting will be increased. Requires VIP8.
  • System: City development ceilings increased by 10000.
  • System: Added a Merge All button for General Equipments
  • Clans: Clan leaders can now set clans to automatically accept applicants.
  • Clans: Application to city and mine wars now availble in the clan interface. Players will join even when offline during the timing of the wars. Duels are not joined in this offline mode however.
  • UI Change: Equipment screen now shows active generals in formation.
  • Arena: Medal rewards added to top 16 finalists.
  • Patrol – AutoPatrol feature added. Select a combination that you require and AutoPatrol will refresh until the combination is achieved before initiating the patrol.