R3K v1.3.7  Patch Info.


  • New System: Journey: A dice based board game system to earn Food, General Bonus Badges, Silver, Medals, and many other items!

  • New Material: Crescent Stone (Used in Conqueror Shield and Conqueror Scripture)

  • New resource: Bonus Badges (For use in leveling up general leadership levels)

  • Leadership Bonus: Badges button added in Leadership Bonus UI.

  • New Equipment: Conqueror Shield (Lv. 130) and Conqueror Scripture (Lv. 130)

  • New map: Hu Jun – Battle of LeAn

  • Citadel War: Using amulets to reach x4 and x5 multiplier will grant medals with equivalent of a fully occupied citadel war as opposed to a partially occupied one.

  • UI Improvement: Added a second confirmation prompt for totem’s Merge All option.