R3K (v1.4.1) Patch Features.

Patch Info


– New Feature: “Rule the World”, enabled at level 95, this feature allows you to fight within six companies’ to unite the nation.

– New Feature: “Medal upgrade and fusion”, enabled at level 95, actions here requires Ruler Points which can be acquired within Rule the World mode.

– New Scenario: Wang Hun – Forces of YangCheng (Achievement Reward 300x Topaz, Clearing Reward 100x Topaz)

– New Scenario: Ma Long – Fight of ShangDang (Achievement Reward 300x Topaz, Clearing Reward 100x Topaz)

– Level cap increase: Level 185 available after Clearing Wang Hun.

– New General: Sima Zhao base skill “Poison”, he will have the new skill “Murderous” after epiphany

– New Skill: Murderous [Strategic] AoE attack on enemies, healing effects of enemies will be reduced by 50% for 2 turns. Reduces 10 morale on all enemies.

– Chat Feature: There will now be a link to enter an army war or squad immediately

– Child System: During training, Child skill Hurricane has been replaced by Murderous. This can be found under the Criticize category during second phase coaching.

– Venture System: Cooldown gold costs changed from 1 gold per minute to 1 gold per 10 minutes.

– Rule the World System: Added instructions and a beginner’s tutorial to this feature.



*** RMS R3K Team.