Following the exciting, all out war feature that is Rule the World, we now have made some improvements to the balancing as well as some brand new features for you in the next update! V.1.4.2!


Rule the World Changes

RtW – Improved various UIs.

RtW – Attacking cities will reduce battalions’ win streak by 1.

RtW – Introducing “Fight Orders”, Maxes at 200 orders, conquering cities will no longer give ruler pts if you have insufficient fight orders. Every point of damage dealt or taken by the battalion would spend 1 Fight Orders. If the fight was lost, more fight orders are lost.

RtW – A city can only be construct/razed for 10 times within 30 minutes. Gold will be required to proceed if it exceeds 10 times. The limit resets every 30 minutes.

RtW – Level limit for RtW raised to Level 125.

RtW – Decrees will now show up in the minimap and Ruler Pts earned for this city will be increased by 10%.

RtW – Grain fields interface within the city changed.

RtW – Only top 25 in company ranking will have the decree to declare a city fight.

RtW – Total amount of players within a company is now shown on the company selection screen. Rewards are inversely proportional to company size and power.

RtW – Tactic: Added Destruction Tactic, doubles damage done by battalion to city, receives double the ruler pts.

RtW – Tactic: Raze, Construct can now only be used in cities with your battalions garrisoned in it.

RtW – Tactic: Streak’s effect is changed to “add an additional 2 win streak to current battalion win streaks”.

RtW – Tactic: Tactic limit is determined by your VIP level.

RtW – Tactic: Ruler Pts gain increases as tactic use increases.

RtW – Battle messages within the battalion interface now has a 35 line limit.



Other Patching information

Venture – Defeating robbers within Venture will now give you 50*Level Fame.

Venture – Increased rewards, increased chances for prosper to appear.

Epiphany – 2nd level (Green) epiphanies are now available. Stats and Skills are improved.

New Feature – Adventure, mainly used to acquire resources needed for 2nd epiphanies.

Skills – New skills added for 2nd epiphanies.

New Equipment – Conqueror’s Seal

New Resource – 2nd epiphany resources, Pearls, Jades and Gold Censers added.

New Item – Item needed to forge Conqueror’s Seal added to Medal Shop.

New Scene – “Tian Zhang – Battle of WuWei”

New Scene – “Huang Hao – Cursed Army”, level 190 is available after clearing this map.

Mine/Farms – There is now an option to extend your time owning a farm by 6 hours with 10 gold.

Medals – Iron Shield Medal requirement reduced by 10 product levels.

Medals – Improved upgrading animation, tooltip now shows both original stats and blessing stats.

Manor – Added a “gift all” button.

Login Rewards – 5 days login rewards changed to 7 days login rewards.

Citadel Wars – Added AutoBot and AutoAmulet features.