Status Effects List

There are some pretty nifty status effects introduced in this patch so here is a list of the current NAMED status effects within the game! They will be displayed as it is in the skill descriptions.


Burn Receives damage every turn.
Chaos Unable to move for 1 turn.
Demoralized Motivation type skills only has 50% effectiveness.
Desertion Reduces a percentage of the army every turn.
Drain Recovers army after each attack.
Immortality Damage not affected by army size left.
Immunity Immune to all status effects.
Indomitable Negates all negative morale related statuses.
Invincibility Reduces Damage to 1 for the turn.
Mirror Copies enemy attack typing.
Morale Lock Unable to gain morale when status is in effect.
Plagued Attacker is poisoned when damage is received.
Poison Receives damage every turn.
Rage Additional 25 moral when attacked.
Reinforcement Additional troops within its ranks
Sap Drains enemy morale to use as your own.
Shield Immune to all damage once.
Thorn Returns certain percentage of damage back to attacker.


There are also some status effects that are not named like Defense Down, Critical Up, Damage Up and certain others that are noted in the generals’ skill descriptions!