New scene: SiMa Liang Forces – battle of wild
Level: Players may upgrade townhall to Lv203 after defeating SiMa Liang
Caving: 2 new location, enable to enter after Lv190 and Lv200
Lord: Available to change avatar after Lv100, green general can set as avatar, gain special avatar when achieve title “King” or champion in arena

Awakening: Enable to cancel, return some of the resource when cancel success.
Awakening: Enable physical awakening
General training: Lowered training time and strenght, 24Hr and Hell mode change to use silver
General practice: Change to direct level up, maximum comsume 10 gold, disable navy’s practice
Barrack: Army limit improve to 10 times
Granary: Foods limit improve to 10 times
Totem: Grade 16,17,18 totem avaiable
System: New totem upgrade system, fusing totem with 2 same totem with using silver and topaz
Equipment: Lv140 Shield (Destroyer Shield) Requirement: Dusk Stone, Cloud Stone and 1500 Topaz
Millenium Tower: Lv175 Boss can’t be disperse
Scene: Reduce difficult of Fallen Temple – SiMa Jun Battle



New Green Epiphany Generals

Deng Ai: Dragon Roar [Combat + Strategic]Attacks twice, once horizontally with combat and then vertically with strategic damage, recovers 100 morale and gains the cleanse buff, increases damage towards enemies with buffs.


Skill Change

Disperse: Decrease effect of increaseing 145 morale to 100 morale only.



SKill Improve

Fearless[Combat]Continuous Attack on a vertical line of units by sacrificing army, decrease enemy’s morale growing 70% for 2 turns.