R3K (v1.7.0) PATCH NOTES



New scene: Young Genius – SiMaYi Force

New General: SiMa Yi – Redeem in arena with points. Can Epiphany to green generals. ( green skill: Reaper [Strategic]Attack the lowest army, dmg increases when enemy units is lower. Increase 500 morale if enemy die, otherwise might cause Chaos to enemy. )

Medals: Can use 1000 golds to unlock 6th slot.

Daily Quest: General practice decrease from 10 times to 3 times.

League: Registration time unchanged for 1 day; 2nd day 128 and 64; 3rd day 32, 16 and 8; 4th day semi-finals and finals.

Rule the World: Enable to save generals data.

Venture: Cancel the cooldown of movement.

Army upgrade: Confirmation box added to avoid misuse.

Caving: Auto function requirement change to VIP3.

Tavern: Drink free 1 times, refresh change to 3 times.

Skill upgrade: Some green general can upgrade their skill with skill card.

Hard mode scene: all new hard mode scenario for TianZhuShan and above after completing the normal mode.

Achievement: Claim function change to one click collect.