R3K (V.1.7.1 & 1.7.2) PATCH NOTES


New scene: Shadow Castle of JingZhou-SiMa Wei Forces

New equipment: Lv140 Dragonstone

New Forging Materials: Dragon Stone

General Equipment: Max level to 25

Soul: Soul interface add “Skip” to skip the animation

Medals: Stepstone Medal price decrease from 500 golds to 300 golds

Activity: General practice change to 3 times only

Daily: Manor activity change to Chat with any NPC, beauty or wife for 10 times.

Child: Auto training, before is priority from left card, now change to randomly


Skill Improve

Reaper [Strategic]Attack the lowest army and increase self morale by 50, dmg increases when enemy units is lower. Increase 500 morale if enemy die, otherwise might cause Chaos to enemy.




New scene: JingZhou Castle-Guan Yu Forces

Level: Player may upgrade townhall to Lv205 after defeating Shadow GuanYu

Awakening: Enable combat awakening

Rule the World: Force overview added to view more information

Venture: Tavern toll increase by 5 times, Inn increase randomly by 5~15 times

Medals: Medals level up to 120

Medals: Stepstone Medal price decrease from 500 golds to 300 golds

Hunting: Increase more income

Battle order: VIP0 or above enable to purchase

Skill: Requirement of skill upgrade change from Lv50 to Lv100


New Green Epiphany Generals

Zhong Hui: Seeker[Strategic] AoE Attack, Causes defection on a single unit army. Increase self 50 morales.


Skill improve

Patricide Army: Protection buff added for 2 turns

HolyLance: Increase more damage, Immortality buff change to Protection buff for 2 turns