New scene: Lu Xun Forces – XiaoTing Battlefield

War of Wu Shu – Chain Fire (Players may upgrade townhall to Lv201 after defeating Zhao Yun.)

Level UP: Town Hall upgrade change to 5 from 2 after Lv195.

Caravans: Merchant refresh on every Monday 4AM, Gold Dispatch become purchase 12 times each purchase, start with 20 Golds, increase 20 Golds every purchase, Max 100 Golds. (VIP0 purchase limit 1 time, VIP1-5 Purchase limit 10 times, VIP6-9 Purchase limit 20 times, VIP10 Purchase limit 30 times)

New Equipment: Lv150 Equipment – God Ax, God Plate, God Mount, God Cape, God Scripts, God Shield, God Seal.

New Item: Duan Yue Stone, Martial Stone, Yun Ze Stone, Tian Kui Stone (For Equipment Lv150)

Citadel War: Medals shop new item – Ethereal Stone (for upgrade Equipment Lv150)

Elite Instance: Reduce difficulty of Magma Cave and Mt. Heaven. New instance РHell (Open when townhall reach Lv200, Item drop: Hell Stone.

Army: 6 type of Obsidian army (Requirement: Eclipse Stone and Hell Stone)

Mail system: Optimize e-mail storage mechanisms.


Pagoda: Lv221-250 added

New Ancient Battlefield: 2 players randomly team up, get silvers and topaz when defeat Ancient Guardian, chance to get special rewards too (Army Seal, Unique Item or others.. )



  • Clamp, Plague and Assassinate able to upgrade
  • Howl – reduces enemy morale by 30 change to 40.
  • Lock Soul – chance to cause chaos to all enemies


New Green Epiphany Generals:

  • Pei YuanShao: Tyrant Spear [Physical] Vertical attack and gain invincibility for 1 turn. Gain 50 morale.
  • LiuShan / CaoXiu / SunShao: Demon Armor [Combat] Heal. Gain reinforcement, heal and thorn buff for 2 turns.
  • BaoSanNiang / ZhangCheng / LiDian: Annihilate [Physical+Strategic] Vertical attack with physical and strategic damage, decreases their P.def and S.def for 2 turns. Gain 100 morale.