War & Battle Features

Command & Conquer

Q. Clan War

Farm & Sliver

There are several Farms and Mines in World map. It means a lot to occupy them to gain battle resource, which will strengthen the clan. Occupy Farms to gain food and occupy Mines to gain silver.

Clan Leader organize members and launch war of Farm or Mine at 19:00 every day.

Only the clan leader and deputy clan leader are allowed to launch attacks. There are totally 30 minutes for leader to organize the army and the war will start every evening.

It’s available for 50 members to join the war .

Clan resource:

The winner of Clan War will gain food of clan resource from the world for 6 times every day, it’s also possible to gain food and silver in double. Clan resource will be given up automatically every winter and it needs to be reoccupied.

Clan Motivation:

When organizing members, gamer can boost morale of the army. There are two ways, merit motivation and gold motivation. It will be failed sometime and if succeed, gamer will gain attack bonus and defense bonus, and sometimes gamer will get special skills in random when bonus reached 5.

When motivation succeed, gamer will gain LV1 defense power or LV1 attack power in random. Each attack bonus will increase 3% damage and each defense bonus will decrease 3% hurt. It’s possible to gain special skills when boost morale:

(1)Continuous: Increase 2 continuous winning

(2)Iron Wall:Increase LV.4 Defense Power

(3)Valor:Increase LV.4Attack Power

(4)Fearless:Increase LV.2 Attack and Defense Power

City War

City War is available every autumn (fall), there’re 6 cities available to be fight for. Gamer should defeat the City Guard Squad to control the city and gain resource and profit of the city.


Q. Land & Sea Scenario

Scenarios Campaign is one of the major important features in the game.


Completing the Scenarios will earn you rewards. Please refer to INGAME REWARDS (Achievement)

for more informations.


In Scenarios battles, you will encounter some General and they will join your courses if you win against them.

Please refer to SCENE’S GENERALS section for more informations.


Click the Scene button to enter Scenario Campaign interface.

Now you are in the Scenario Campaign interface. You can see some army forces at the map.

More forces will appear when you successfully winning the existing one. Click the highlighted forces to start Battle.

Inside a battle scene.

Each battle winning might drop you some items or equipment. The drop rate is depending on the gred of the items.

The higher gred, the harder its drop rate.

When successfully win all the Battles in the specified Scenario, next Scenario will be open.

Now lets move to Sea Battle.

Entering Naval Scenario by going to Port and click on Naval Scene.

This is the Naval Scenario Campaign interface. Click on the ships to start the battles.

Inside battle scene.

You can gather Ship building material from winning the Naval Scene Battles. For more information on Ship Building, please refer to























Q. Invading Battle

Invading Battle is an action where a player go to attack otther Kingdom Players but only limited to the same Lv category city.

To invade, firstly click on World map then click on other Kingdom city.

Inside the city region, you will found many other Kingdom players town. Click to them to start the invading.

But before that you have to make sure the selected player are not in protected mode.

The above image shown that the selected player are not in the protected mode and attack is possible.

Inside the battle scene.

Sometimes, stronger player does not mean 100% winning. Above example has shown the result.

Squad, Army Type, General skills and positioning are very important too.

Now you can see the player that you have attacked is under protection period.

You or other Kingdom player need to wait for 20sec to launch next attack on this player.

The protection period are different depending on the Infamy status of the player.

Hints : Invading is the fastest way to gain Fames but your infamy will increase fast if you invading too much.

Infamy are well known as PK count. Higher infamy subject to enemy plunder due to the low protection period.


Q. Vassal Conquering

Vassal Conquering is one of the Silver earning feature.

To start conquer a player, click on the Region button at the Town interface.

In the Region, you will see many same Kingdom player Town.

Before conquering a player, you can check for his/her status. If that player already been conquered, it will shown his/her lord name.

This player is test004 and he/she already been conquered by player name test001

You can still conquer him/her but you have to face his/her lord army. If you do not want to make enemy

with some player, you always have the option to look for other un-conquered player to conquer.


This player do not have lord which mean he/she are not conquered by anyone. Press ” Conquer ” to conquer and confirm.

If you win, he/she will become your Vassal.

You can check your Vassal status at Town Hall or click your own Town at the Region map.

When you succeeded conquer a player and become your Vassal, you will enjoy the tribute given from your Vassal Taxation.

Although the tribute is base on the Taxation action by your Vassal but it is not deduct directly from his/her Taxation Income.

Its the system will bear the amount but base on the value of income of your Vassal. By this, you do not need to worry

if you are being conquered and affecting your Taxation Income. The more Vassal you got, the more Silver tribute you earn.




Q. Pagoda Infiltration

Click on Pagoda building to enter Pagoda Infiltrate Battle interface. There are 2 feature of Infiltration.

Manual Infiltrate or Auto Infiltrate.

Manual Infiltrate :

Pagoda Infiltration require 3 Token or 3 Battle Order. It will consume Token first but if you are insufficient Token, it will

continue with Battle Order. Token can be earn from Army War. Please refer to Army War for more information.

Inside the Infiltrate interface, there is some option like Auto complete the entire process of infiltrate and

show each of the battle. Tick the box if you wish to activate the options.

You will gain Crystal and Soul from this battle.

Crystal can be smelt into soul. There is 2 option of using Gold Smelting which can gain more soul.

Great Smelting will give you chances of getting double soul in return or Best Smelting to gain Triple.

Click Start to complete the process.


Auto Infiltrate :

This action is basically for soul farming which would be faster but only able to infiltrate the Pagoda Lv that you have passed and

it will consume Gold too.

Example for the image above : You can set Auto Infiltrate on the Pagoda Lv132 but you cant set on Lv133 cause you have not

complete the Lv133.

You can set the Auto Infiltrate as much times as you like as long as you have enough Token and Gold.

You can see Gold and Token required and the Item that you going to get from this number times of Auto Infiltrate.



Q. Sacred Soul Battle

Sacred Souls obtained through Sacred Soul Battle. Click Sacred Soul button at the

Pagoda building to enter Sacred Soul Battle interface.

There are total 6 Lv of Sacred Creature Battle. Higher Lv gain better amount of Soul but the battle going to harder too.

Sacred Soul Battle require Souls and Souls gain from Pagoda Infiltration.

This is the introductions of Sacred Souls.

General Enhancement require Sacred Soul. Please refer to General Enhancement section for more information.

There are some option for you to choose in order to skip the Introduction (1) step by clicking the Worship button

directly unlocking the Lv4 Sacred or Use Gold for direct attacking Lv5 Sacred.

There is another option which will consume 10 Gold to ensure 100% winning on the battle. With this option you can prevent from losing


When you are ready, just click the selected Lv of Sacred that you wanted to challenge.

Inside battle scene.

Sacred Soul gain depending on which Sacred Creature that you are battling with and Sacred Creature are appear randomly.




Q. Arena Cup

Arena Cup held 3 times a day at 10:00, 15:00 and 21:00 hour.

Players can gain lots of  Reward from challenging this Event. For players that are late for the application period,

They can join the betting session which also can gain a lot of in-game rewards too.

If the participating slot fulled, players still can challenge each other to take control over others qualifications.

At this moment, all qualified challenger confirmed and the Event going to be start soon.

Eliminating round started. The stages of the Event will be round of 64, 32, 16, 8, quater-final, semi-final and final.

Betting mode activated at round 8.

Winner of the final round will be the Champion of this round Event and the reward are as below.



Q. Army War

Army War could be found on every end of a Senario Campaign.

Click attack to enter Army War interface.

This is the Army War lobby. You can create your own War party but before that there is some setting you need to set.

You can set your part as an Open party which allowing entire same Kingdom players to join in or set it limited only

to own clanmates.


Limited to same server  option will be available later on when Join Server System implemented between your server and some

other player server.

When everything set and enough player joined. Click Start the battle.

You can gain Merits and Tokens from Army War which will be later on use on Pagoda Infiltration Battle.
























Q. Nation War

Nation War is the biggest war event of R3K. Its competing among 3 Kingdoms player at a limited

numbers of players with National Elites status. Nation War event start on every saturday at 19.30hour.

You can see the Nation War button at your Town interface. Click the button to enter the war zone.

The Main objective of this war is to conquer Cities. Which Kingdom conquer the most city at the end of the

war is consider as winner of the event. Each Kingdom players are designated at their base city and start conquering

cities from there. Beside attacking, they have to defending their base city or city they have conquered earlier too

if they did conquered any of it.

There are some skills with cool down time to be use in the event.

Ramp, Fire, Teleport, Assault and Repair.

Each of the skills has its specialty.


Killing enemy and Breaking city wall has point. At the end of the event, those point will be calculated into rewards.

The war ended with Wu Kingdom successfully conquered a city and Won the event.

Loser Kingdom will also gain reward but lesser than Winner Kingdom.

Besides, there has some Quest in this event. Completing those Quest will earn you more rewards.




Q. City War

Under Constructions !!


Q. Throne War

Throne War is the event where player from the same Kingdom competing against each others for the Throne of

the Kingdom. Winner of the Event will become The King for that particular Kingdom.

This event held once a week on every Sunday (20:00 hour).

Govt function will activated after this event ended, when the position of The King and Official has confirmed.

Govt allowed Kingdom to activate some features which will beneficial the entire Kingdom players.
















Q. Pillage War

Pillage War is a war event launch by the King in order gain extra resources from other Kingdoms.

Only Kingdom Elites qualified to join this war event.

After the confirmation of launching Pillage War, you can see the Pillage War button at the Town interface.

The event will took 1 hour countdown time before it could begin.

When the time is up, the War may start by clicking the Pillage War button.

There are 5 lane on the attacker and 5 lane on the defender interface.

Click on any slot to start the mission. You need to defeat all the player that choosing the same line as you are.

When facing each other, player will go to battle and winner will stay and continue the journey to the destination.

Every Kill and success of reaching opposition destination will be count and calculate into rewards.





Q. Pirates War

Pirates War is a new event where players defending their Kingdom port against the Pirates attack.

Pirates War begin at 21:00 hour daily.

If the kingdom player failed to defend the port within the attack period of time will consider lose.

Kingdom Defense Value % determine the remaining life of your port.

The killing in the event will convert into Battle Point Count and rewards will count base on that points.

The more you kill, the more rewards you get.



Q. Resources War

Under Construction