Tactical Guides

Q. R3K V1.8.3 & V1.8.4 PATCH NOTES



New Scene: Anger of Tian Gong-Yellow Turban Revive

Level: Up to Lv235

Rule The World: Remove rule the world system, change to daily claim Ruler Pts.

Citidel War: 1 click bot change to VIP8 or TownHall Lv190 above Free

World Resources: Increase resources production

Status UI: Change display of silvers, foods, merits and fame

Manor: 100% drop Unique Item when meet merchant or Rich Trader

Tavern: 1 click refresh added

Combat power: Enhance display of combat power

New Soul: KunPeng Souls, Can resist the enemies’ direct attacks

New Item: Demotion Order
LV1 Demotion Order – Can degrade any general to the initial state, return 60% of resources
LV2 Demotion Order – Can degrade any general to the initial state, return 80% of resources
LV3 Demotion Order – Can degrade any general to the initial state, return 100% of resources

New Item: Dark Gold GiftBox – chance to get dynasty equipment, green epiphany material, red epiphany material, Multi Skill Book, Topaz…

New System: Welcome back system for Lv130 or above and more than 100 days never login.

New System: Stable system

Unlock in Manor when reach Lv160
Train warhorse in stable
WarHorse greatly increase general’s P.Atk, P.Def, S.Atk, S.Def, C.Atk, C.Def.
Upgrade will also get a certain increase of stat bonus, including:Critical, Thwart, Reduce, CHA, STR, INT.
Unlock new warhorse when reach certain of level of warhorse


Avatar: Will display the corresponding colour of the avatar frame according to the colour of generals

Beautify red general’s flag

4 season changed

Spring: Gain 10 battle order
Summer: Taxation +12
Autumn: Silver Mine and Farm production double up
Winter: Players cannot attack each other and the number of Angpow in the Town increases

Skill adjustment:

Wanted buff change to round stackable

Warrior change to 3 times 500 morales attack, lower the damage

Army adjustment:

Lonely Walker life steal not effect on the active round

New Green Epiphany General:

Wang Yuan Ji: Boosting – Increases allies’ morale by 50 and increases self morale for 145.
Zhang Ning: Puncture [Physical] A damaging attack on all enemy units.
ZhangJiao: Catastrophe [Strategic] An attack on all units with chance to cause chaos for 1 turn.

New Red Epiphany General:

Wang Yuan Ji: Shining – increase allies morales by 25+0 and gain Indomitable for 2 tunes, gain self morales by 50+0.

Zhang Ning: Stranger [Physical] AoE damage. Gain Critical, Sudden Death and Streak for 4 turns. Gain Immunity for 1 turn.

ZhangJiao: Witchcraft [Strategic] AoE S.Atk for 3 times, cause stun to the highest army enemy and wanted buff to the lowest army enemy. Gain self morales by 50+0.

Xianyu Pu: Edge [Physical] An attack on a vertical line of units, gain self morales by 50+{4}. Increase allies P.atk by 200% for 3 turns.




New Scene: Charming Lady-Road to deception

New System: Illustration system – Players can view the information and usage rate of generals.

Material conversion: Can convert material with Mystery Merchant, red eph. material can convert to green eph. material, green eph. material can convert to blue eph material

Nation War: Change to unlock on Lv170

Pirates War: Change to unlock on Lv160


Enhance basic general: WenFengQing and Ling HaoTian, can be epiphany to blue and green.

Venture: Den system – Reward higher when your dice point is higher, Play dice for 1 time only with 100000 silvers. Skip cutscenes added

New Blue Epiphany General

WenFengQing: Protect [Strategic] Attack single enemy. All allies gain protection and heal the lowest army allies.
Ling HaoTian: Protect [Strategic] Attack single enemy. All allies gain protection and heal the lowest army allies.

New Green Epiphany General

WenFengQing: Worship [Strategic] Attack single enemy. All allies gain protection. Heal the lowest army allies and self. Increase self morales by 50
Ling HaoTian: Worship [Strategic] Attack single enemy. All allies gain protection. Heal the lowest army allies and self. Increase self morales by 50
Dong Zhuo: Collapse [Combat] Vertical attack, increases in damage as army size reduces. Dead damage to self, gain Clinging buff for 2 turns.

New Red Epiphany General

Dong Zhuo: Violent [Combat] Continuous vertical attack, increases in damage as army size reduces. Deal damage to self, gain Clinging and Fury buff for 2 turns. Increase self morales by 145.
Lu Kang: Virtual [Strategic] Disperse enemie’s buff and cause enable to increase morales for 3 turns.
Ya Dan: Virtual [Strategic] Disperse enemie’s buff and cause enable to increase morales for 3 turns.


New scene: Wei Lord attack Wu – War of Guangling


Caving: Mechant red general material added


Research Center: 1 key level up function added, unlock when reach Lv100


Citadel War: Pause time change to 19:00-20:00 on Saturday nation war


Building upgrade: readjust all building upgrade cooldown


Single Hunting:VIP8 or Lv150 above is free now


Function unlock: readjust building unlock level

– market: Unlock change from Lv13 to Lv60

– conquer: Unlock change from Lv28 to Lv120

– Steward Office: Unlock change from Lv32 to Lv100

– Gold Mint: Unlock change from Lv55 to Lv90

– Cottages 2: Unlock change from Lv15 to Lv100

– Cottages 3: Unlock change from Lv13 to Lv110

– Cottages 4: Unlock change from Lv13 to Lv120


Ancient battlefield: readjust the difficult system, more player join may more easy


Medal system:

– Strength Medal, Stepstone Medal, Windsurfer Medal change to 6% effect

– Piercing Medal, Vanguard Medal, Clairvoyant Medal change to 6% effect

– Strong Armor medal, Rangey Medal, Wavesurfer medal change to 4% effect

– Stonewall Medal, Cornered Medal, Tactician Medal change to 4% effect


Soldier Adjust:

Xun You (green) skill change to Icepick, CHA change to 80 from 74, STR change to 72 from 67, INT change to 100 from 99


New Epiphany Green General:

Ma Liang: Icepick [Strategic] Attack on a horizontal row of units, chance to freeze for 1 round.

Gu Yong: Icepick [Strategic] Attack on a horizontal row of units, chance to freeze for 1 round.


New Epiphany Red General:

Cao Pi: Maze [Strategic] AoE S.attack, damage increases with enemy morale and inflicts Desertion for 2 turns. Increase self some morales.


ZhuRan: Power Crossbow [Combat] Attack horizontal for 2 times and gain self morales by 145, gain immunity for 2 turns.


ZhouCang: Spikes [Physical] AoE high damage and attack front row twice.


Wang Yun: Maze [Strategic] AoE S.attack, damage increases with enemy morale and inflicts Desertion for 2 turns. Increase self some morales.


Suo Nu: Power Crossbow [Combat] Attack horizontal for 2 times and gain self morales by 145, gain immunity for 2 turns.


Xun You: Icepick [Strategic] Attack on a horizontal row of units, chance to freeze for 1 round.


Gu Yong: Icepick [Strategic] Attack on a horizontal row of units, chance to freeze for 1 round.


Ma Liang: Icepick [Strategic] Attack on a horizontal row of units, chance to freeze for 1 round.


Mi Dang: Calm Drum – Increase all ally army morales by 85+{4} and dramatic increase defence ability for 3 turns.


Gong Zhi: Interrogate [Strategic] Control enemy 1 turn, increase self morales by 100.


YangBo: Interrogate [Strategic] Control enemy 1 turn, increase self morales by 100.


New scene: Wu Hou Forces – Eight Squad

Scene: Scene NPC “Tiger Souls” replace by new soul “KunPeng Souls” (eliminate enemies direct attack damage.)

NPC:NPC General’s skill also having level, become stronger.

Millenium Prison:New Lv200 Millenium Prison BOSS (QiongQi)

Activity:Activity point up to 120

Activity:”Attack level difference within 10 enemies for 5 times” added, available on Lv80 and above

Fame:Maximum up to 3000000, will deduct 5% on every Monday 4:00am if more than 1000000.

Material:New general epiphany material Amber, Sapphire, LangYa Jade

Arena:Arena rewards time change to 9:30

Caving:New caving “Spirit Ruins”, unlock when town hall reached Lv220. Rebuild reward of secret floor, red epiphany material: Amber, Sapphire and LangYa Jade

Jars:new advace Jars, drop Silvers, Amber, Sapphire, LangYa Jade, unlock when town hall reached Lv170. Able to change between 2 type of jars and share the free limit.

Citadel Wars: Change to 1 time per day, the reward doubled.

Attack player:- Increase the fame when attacking player

– Get 1 emerald if player’s town hall is Lv80~129

– Get 1 Topaz if player’s town hall is Lv130 or above



Skill Adjustment:

Drain BUFF will affect by “prevent recover effect” (example: EvilSkewer or Lock Soul)

Annihilate:enhance the effect of skill and have chance to disperse enemies’ positive buff.


Child training: Training information added


New Red Epiphany Generals:


Yan Liang:Admiral[Combat] AoE damage, gives lowest army general shield buff and cast 2 reward buff on a wanted enemy for 2 turns,increase self morales by 145.

Wen Chou:Warrior[Combat] Continuous combat skill, active 2 times of 500 morale attack, attack on random enemy, 250% damage on wanted buff target, increase self morales by 145.

Gao Lan:Breaker[Physical] AoE damage and heal all allies.

Cao Zhi:Prestige – Increase allies morales by 60 and self morales by 145, chance to clear negative buff.

Xiao Qiao:Prestige – Increase allies morales by 60 and self morales by 145, chance to clear negative buff.

Jian Yong:Prestige – Increase allies morales by 60 and self morales by 145, chance to clear negative buff.

Zhe Zhou:Procrastination[Combat] Continuous attack on single target. Decrease target morales by 120 and p.atk for 2 turn, increase self morales by 145.

Lu Dai:Procrastination[Combat] Continuous attack on single target. Decrease target morales by 120 and p.atk for 2 turn, increase self morales by 145.

Ma Dai:Procrastination[Combat] Continuous attack on single target. Decrease target morales by 120 and p.atk for 2 turn, increase self morales by 145.

Wang Yi:Recover[Strategic] Heal allies for 2 times, gain dispel buff for 3 turn.

Jiang Wan:Instigate[Strategic] An attack on a single unit, snatch target all morales and decrease p.atk for 2 turn.

Fei Zhan:Instigate[Strategic] An attack on a single unit, snatch target all morales and decrease p.atk for 2 turn.

Han Sui:Instigate[Strategic] An attack on a single unit, snatch target all morales and decrease p.atk for 2 turn.

Kuai Liang:Tsunami[Strategic] AoE high damage.

Zhang Hong:Tsunami[Strategic] AoE high damage.

Zhang Ren:Arrow Shower[Combat] AoE high damage.

Ma Xiu:Feint[Combat] Vertical attack and decrease 100% attack ability for 1 turn and disperse enemies’ buff.

Ma Tie:Fury Strike[Combat] AoE combat damage, Skill dmg increases when enemy unit is lower.

Ma Teng:HolyLance[Combat] A continuous attack on a vertical line of units, self gains Immortality buff for 2 turns.

Tian Feng:Divination[Strategic] AoE damage,chance to cast wanted buff for 2 turns.

Yuan Shao:DemonArmor – Recovers allies army and gives 20% Reinforcement buff for 2 turns

Gongsun Zan:Spear Squad[Physical] Vertical attack and gain 100% counter for 3 turns, increase self morales by 50.

Zhang Xiu:Devil Strike[Physical] Vertical attack, gain drain buff for 3 turn, increase self morales by 50.


New scene: Lu Xun Forces – XiaoTing Battlefield

War of Wu Shu – Chain Fire (Players may upgrade townhall to Lv201 after defeating Zhao Yun.)

Level UP: Town Hall upgrade change to 5 from 2 after Lv195.

Caravans: Merchant refresh on every Monday 4AM, Gold Dispatch become purchase 12 times each purchase, start with 20 Golds, increase 20 Golds every purchase, Max 100 Golds. (VIP0 purchase limit 1 time, VIP1-5 Purchase limit 10 times, VIP6-9 Purchase limit 20 times, VIP10 Purchase limit 30 times)

New Equipment: Lv150 Equipment – God Ax, God Plate, God Mount, God Cape, God Scripts, God Shield, God Seal.

New Item: Duan Yue Stone, Martial Stone, Yun Ze Stone, Tian Kui Stone (For Equipment Lv150)

Citadel War: Medals shop new item – Ethereal Stone (for upgrade Equipment Lv150)

Elite Instance: Reduce difficulty of Magma Cave and Mt. Heaven. New instance – Hell (Open when townhall reach Lv200, Item drop: Hell Stone.

Army: 6 type of Obsidian army (Requirement: Eclipse Stone and Hell Stone)

Mail system: Optimize e-mail storage mechanisms.


Pagoda: Lv221-250 added

New Ancient Battlefield: 2 players randomly team up, get silvers and topaz when defeat Ancient Guardian, chance to get special rewards too (Army Seal, Unique Item or others.. )



  • Clamp, Plague and Assassinate able to upgrade
  • Howl – reduces enemy morale by 30 change to 40.
  • Lock Soul – chance to cause chaos to all enemies


New Green Epiphany Generals:

  • Pei YuanShao: Tyrant Spear [Physical] Vertical attack and gain invincibility for 1 turn. Gain 50 morale.
  • LiuShan / CaoXiu / SunShao: Demon Armor [Combat] Heal. Gain reinforcement, heal and thorn buff for 2 turns.
  • BaoSanNiang / ZhangCheng / LiDian: Annihilate [Physical+Strategic] Vertical attack with physical and strategic damage, decreases their P.def and S.def for 2 turns. Gain 100 morale.

Q. R3K (V.1.7.3 & 1.7.4) PATCH NOTES

R3K 1.7.3 patch notes


New scene: Lu Meng Forces-War of MaiCheng

Awakening: Enable strategic awakening

Equipment Upgrade: Enable to upgrade to Lv200 or above (require silver and topaz)

Obsidian scene: Reduce Obsidian Pit difficult

Skill Upgrade: Multi Skill Book added

Caving: Reduce price of purchase limit to 10 golds

Nation War: Change to 19:30-20:00, reward increased

Caravan: Trade post reward double up, increase multiple reward when having merchants

Merchants amount Doubled Rate
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 6


Army Giftbox: Gain Clan reward in clan instance when victory. Max 10 times.

Team League: Increase the atk and def penalty of winning streak from 10% to 16%

Soul system: Rebuilt soul system, affect on all general those entered battle. Change the effect of soul.

– Dragon souls: Increase chance of debuff enemy

– Tiger souls: Increase effect of Defense Piercing

– Phoenix souls: Increase heal limit

– Turtle souls: Decrease the chance of affect by debuff

Rule the World: Fight order limit change to 1000, purchase limit 2000

Ladies: Level limit up to 120

Jars Game: Increase reward


New Green Epiphany Generals:

Sima Zhao – Lock Soul [Strategic]AoE attack, deacrease enemies morale by 10 and healing reduced by 75% for 2 turns. increase self 50+{4} morales.

WangShuang – Hammer Strike [Physical] An attack on a single unit and chance to stun enemy for 1 turn. Heal and  increases self morale for 145.

Guan Xing – Anger [Physical] A continuous attack on a horizontal row of units, gain buff to increase damage for 2 turns.

ChengPu – Rider War [Physical] An attack on a vertical line of units and decrease enemy P.Def for 2 turn.  increase self 50+{4} morales.




R3K 1.7.4 patch notes


New scene: Wuxi barbarians -Sha MoKe forces

New level: Player may upgrade townhall to Lv207 after defeating Shadow Sha MoKe

Manor: “Gold Divorce” added, consume 700 gold to divorce and closeness will never reduce

Manor: “So near, So far” added, consume 100 gold to divorce and closeness will never reduce

Building: Workshop enable upgrade same level with Town Hall

Clan: Disqualification clan leader when never login over 3 days and enable replace by others

Skill level: Enable upgrade to Lv100

Tavern: Notification when having special god event


General adjustment

Cao cao(green) – CHA from 103 to 100, INT grow from 3.0 to 2.9. Skill change from Grandeur to DivineCall [Raise allies morale by 85 and reduce enemies’ morale by 20.]

Sun Quan(green) – INT from 87 to 91

Liu Bei(green) – INT from 86 to 87


Q. R3K (V.1.7.1 & 1.7.2) PATCH NOTES


New scene: Shadow Castle of JingZhou-SiMa Wei Forces

New equipment: Lv140 Dragonstone

New Forging Materials: Dragon Stone

General Equipment: Max level to 25

Soul: Soul interface add “Skip” to skip the animation

Medals: Stepstone Medal price decrease from 500 golds to 300 golds

Activity: General practice change to 3 times only

Daily: Manor activity change to Chat with any NPC, beauty or wife for 10 times.

Child: Auto training, before is priority from left card, now change to randomly


Skill Improve

Reaper [Strategic]Attack the lowest army and increase self morale by 50, dmg increases when enemy units is lower. Increase 500 morale if enemy die, otherwise might cause Chaos to enemy.




New scene: JingZhou Castle-Guan Yu Forces

Level: Player may upgrade townhall to Lv205 after defeating Shadow GuanYu

Awakening: Enable combat awakening

Rule the World: Force overview added to view more information

Venture: Tavern toll increase by 5 times, Inn increase randomly by 5~15 times

Medals: Medals level up to 120

Medals: Stepstone Medal price decrease from 500 golds to 300 golds

Hunting: Increase more income

Battle order: VIP0 or above enable to purchase

Skill: Requirement of skill upgrade change from Lv50 to Lv100


New Green Epiphany Generals

Zhong Hui: Seeker[Strategic] AoE Attack, Causes defection on a single unit army. Increase self 50 morales.


Skill improve

Patricide Army: Protection buff added for 2 turns

HolyLance: Increase more damage, Immortality buff change to Protection buff for 2 turns

Q. R3K (v1.7.0) PATCH NOTES



New scene: Young Genius – SiMaYi Force

New General: SiMa Yi – Redeem in arena with points. Can Epiphany to green generals. ( green skill: Reaper [Strategic]Attack the lowest army, dmg increases when enemy units is lower. Increase 500 morale if enemy die, otherwise might cause Chaos to enemy. )

Medals: Can use 1000 golds to unlock 6th slot.

Daily Quest: General practice decrease from 10 times to 3 times.

League: Registration time unchanged for 1 day; 2nd day 128 and 64; 3rd day 32, 16 and 8; 4th day semi-finals and finals.

Rule the World: Enable to save generals data.

Venture: Cancel the cooldown of movement.

Army upgrade: Confirmation box added to avoid misuse.

Caving: Auto function requirement change to VIP3.

Tavern: Drink free 1 times, refresh change to 3 times.

Skill upgrade: Some green general can upgrade their skill with skill card.

Hard mode scene: all new hard mode scenario for TianZhuShan and above after completing the normal mode.

Achievement: Claim function change to one click collect.

Q. R3K (V 1.6.6) PATCH NOTES

New scene: SiMa Liang Forces – battle of wild
Level: Players may upgrade townhall to Lv203 after defeating SiMa Liang
Caving: 2 new location, enable to enter after Lv190 and Lv200
Lord: Available to change avatar after Lv100, green general can set as avatar, gain special avatar when achieve title “King” or champion in arena

Awakening: Enable to cancel, return some of the resource when cancel success.
Awakening: Enable physical awakening
General training: Lowered training time and strenght, 24Hr and Hell mode change to use silver
General practice: Change to direct level up, maximum comsume 10 gold, disable navy’s practice
Barrack: Army limit improve to 10 times
Granary: Foods limit improve to 10 times
Totem: Grade 16,17,18 totem avaiable
System: New totem upgrade system, fusing totem with 2 same totem with using silver and topaz
Equipment: Lv140 Shield (Destroyer Shield) Requirement: Dusk Stone, Cloud Stone and 1500 Topaz
Millenium Tower: Lv175 Boss can’t be disperse
Scene: Reduce difficult of Fallen Temple – SiMa Jun Battle



New Green Epiphany Generals

Deng Ai: Dragon Roar [Combat + Strategic]Attacks twice, once horizontally with combat and then vertically with strategic damage, recovers 100 morale and gains the cleanse buff, increases damage towards enemies with buffs.


Skill Change

Disperse: Decrease effect of increaseing 145 morale to 100 morale only.



SKill Improve

Fearless[Combat]Continuous Attack on a vertical line of units by sacrificing army, decrease enemy’s morale growing 70% for 2 turns.

Q. R3K (V 1.6.5) PATCH NOTES

New feature: New arena system
New scene: Fallen Temple – SiMa Jun Battle
Bonus: Enable silver bonus
Tournament: enable register before sunday 4:00, challenge limit maximum is 3, 5 minutes cooldown for each challenge
Citadel war: change to cross-platform war

New General

SiMaYau – Redeem in arena with points.
Common(white) skill: Insult – [Strategic] An attack on all enemy units with chance to inflict Morale Lock on random units for 1 turn.
Uncommon(blue) skill: Insult – [Strategic] An attack on all enemy units with chance to inflict Morale Lock on random units for 1 turn.
Rare(green) skill: Disperse – Remove enemy’s buff, increases ally morale by 25, increases self morale for 145.

Q. R3K (V1.6.2 & V1.63) PATCH NOTES


  • Medal: Available to show off medal
  • New feature: New appoint system, chance to get Crit.Jade, Thward.Jade and Reduce.Jade
  • New scene: Sun Xiu Forces – Xia Kou’s Bloodbath.
  • Nation War: New achievement rewards.
  • Assistant: Added city development.
  • Manor: Available to lock ladies and child, can’t break up, divorce or retrain. Need 72 hours to unlock.
  • Level: Players may upgrade townhall to Lv199 after defeating Sun Xiu.



New Green Epiphany Generals

  • Gao Lan: Bloody Cut, [Physical]Attack all enemy units and heals allies.
  • Zhuge Yan: Aegis, Gives all allies the Regen buff.



General Improve

  • Lu Bu: Increase Hades skill damage 10%. Increase Insanity 75%.



Army Improve

  • E.Spectre: Have chance to stun enemy.
  • E.MythBst: Increase the effect of reducing enemy morale from 7 to 10 on attack.
  • E.Scorcher: S.Attack raised to 2.8 from 2.52
  • E.DrakeMnt: C.Attack raised to 3.0 from 2.9
  • E.SkyMage: S.Attack raised to 2.6 from 2.5
  • E.Naiad: S.Attack raised to 2.5 from 2.4
  • E.DCorps: Lowered drain on attack.





  • New scene: ZhangTi Forces – Battle of Niu Zhu.
  • Improve: Cancel battle cooldown
  • Improve: 100% in equipment upgrade
  • Item: New forging stone – Cloud Stone
  • Equipment: New Lv140 scripture – Destroyer Scripts



New Green Epiphany Generals

  • GongSun Xiu: Spur, [Physical]An attack on all enemy units, increases dramatically in damage as army size reduces.


1.6.4 Patch Notes

  • New scene: Resign of Throne – Battler of SiMa Yan. Players may upgrade townhall to Lv201 after defeating SiMa Yan.
  • New feature: Child’s Awakening, Child increase awakening value when encounter some special event. Player can pick the favourite skill when reach 100%.
  • New feature: Lord’s Level, Gain Lord’s EXP when completing daily quest or using battle order, gain stat point when leveling up for Lord’s skill.
  • New feature: Prosperity, Upgrading building can enhance the prosperity. Taxation, Produce and Melding will affect by prosperity.
  • New feature: There’s no longer to trading with others player.
  • Daily quest: All new daily quest, completing daily quest to gain Lord’s EXP.
  • Treasury: Silver limit improve to 10 times.
  • Venture: Maximum profit of tavern and inn limited to 15 million, no more increase when reached limit.
  • Battle Order: Purchasing BO change to get 20 battle order in 1 time purchase cost 50 gold. Increase 50 golds every 3 times purchase.

New Green Epiphany Generals

  • Guo Jia: VileTrick, [Strategic]A continuous attack on a horizontal row of units, damage increases when opponent army is lessened and chance to get Chaos.
  • ZhuGe Liang: Fortune, [Strategic]An attack on all units, Increases allies morale by 25 and reduces enemy morale by 25, self gains Immortality for 2 turns.
  • Zhou Yu: ZhuRong, [Strategic]An attack on all units with chance to cause burn and reduce enemy healing for 2 turns.

General Improve

  • Green TaiShi Ci:
  • Initial stats raised to 89, 100, 75 from the original 86, 99, 72.
  • Stat growth raised to 2.9, 3.2, 2.4 from the original 2.6, 3.2, 2.4.

Skill Change

  • Waterfall: [Combat]Two attacks on a vertical line of units, damage increases when opponent army is lessened, Increase self morale by 50 and gain Invincibility for 1 turns.


Dear Generals,

Here are some of the details of an upcoming patch! It will be here as soon as the bugs are ironed out!

  • General: Lubu 2nd level epiphany added. New skill Hades.
  • General: New General – Deng Ai, Main skill Dragon Roar, becomes Dragon Rage after epiphany
  • General: Gao Lan job changed, 2nd level epiphany added.
  • General: Zhuge Yan gains Aegis after the 2nd level Epiphany.
  • Skills: DragonRoar–【Combat】An attack on a horizontal row of enemies and then does an attack on a vertical row of enemies.
  • Skills: DragonRage–【Combat+Strategy】[Combat + Strategic]Attacks twice, once horizontally with combat and then vertically with strategic damage, recovers 50 morale and gains the cleanse buff, increases damage towards enemies with buffs.
  • Army Type: Using the Heaven Rock, you may upgrade your army types to the tier 5.5 army types.
  • Elite Instance: New Elite instance opened at Lv180. Heaven Mount. Gives Heaven Mount Orders that gives Heaven rocks for army type upgrade.
  • New Scene: Xiang Lang Forces – Midland Demonstration. 500 Topaz for Achievement Rewards, 300 Topaz for clearing. Players may upgrade townhall to Lv 197 after defeating Xiang Lang.
  • New Scene: SunXin Forces: Xia Kou’s Bloodbath, 550 Topaz for Achievement Rewards, 300 Topaz for clearing.
  • Equipment: Added new Destroyer set equipments (Cape and Mount).
  • New feature: Skill demos, test out the effects of a skill by clicking a button below the general pictures.
  • New Feature: There’s no longer seasonal events with rankings in the login rewards screen. Now there are various types of events with varying rewards.
  • Manor: Added an “Exchange Gifts” button to go to medals exchange for gifts.
  • Children: You can now choose to reset only the skill portion or reset both skill and stats. Available after the child has been coached to 100%.
  • Children: You can now rename your children for 200 gold.
  • Army Size: Cap on army size attack bonus raised from 140k to 200k.
  • Venture: Rewards revised to be higher.
  • UI: Many changes and shortcuts put in different features for ease of use.
  • UI: Tavern is no longer in the Generals > Recruit screen.
  • UI: Added search and filters to the Generals > Recruit screen.
  • Rule the World: Fight Orders upper limit is now 500.
  • RtW tactics: Retreat effect changed, generals retreat without damage on a loss and rulerpoints gained is now higher, fight order spendings will be increased however.
  • RtW tactics: Added retreat 2 (30 Gold or 10k Grains) and retreat 3 tactics (80 Gold or 25k Grains).
  • RtW tactics: Raze 3 can now be used by everyone and is usable with grains.
  • RtW tactics: Reckless 3 can now be used by everyone and is usable with grains.
  • RtW tactics: Tactics limits changed from 8 hours changed to 14 hours.
  • Pagoda: Levels 201 to 220 unlocked. Level 191 to 200 now has duel weapon drops.


Patch will be updated on 29th of May, 2015.
  • Green General: YangHu, skill: Apocalypse.
  • Green General: WenYang
  • Skill: RedDragon – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of enemies, recovers self army and reduces enemy defenses by 40% for 2 turns.
  • Skill: Apocalypse – [Strategic] An attack on all enemy units, strength increases when army size decreases, increase self morale by 50.
  • Arena: Rewards has been tweaked, participants can now bet as well.
  • Caving: Secret Room cost has been reduced to 5 gold per entry.
  • Caving: New trader that allows trading with gold,vip9 and above can purchase all items at once.
  • Caving: Added an amulet system for multipliers on rewards.
  • Caving: Added autocaving for VIP5 and above. (Costs gold)
  • Tavern: Cooldown added for 1 free refresh.
  • Tavern: Added a deity counter, an option opens up when it is at 100 to invite 1-3 deities to increase stats.
  • Tavern: AutoChat in tavern has been added. Available to VIP8 and above.
  • Manor: Ladies’ closeness is shown on their portraits during visits.
  • Totem: You can now break down totems into 2 totems of the previous level.
  • Chat: Added an ignore function. (Note: Ignore list resets on 0400hrs everyday)
  • Squad: Added notification about unequipped generals when attacking a scene army.
  • Army Upgrade: Upgrading items for enhancing T5 army types has been unified, all items will be converted into this item.
  • Army Upgrade: Army Upgrading item requirements have been reduced.
  • Scene: New Scene, Dong Yun – TianShui Chaos (Clear Reward:250Topaz Achievement Reward:450Topaz)
  • Scene:New Scene  Jiao Yi – Fall of JieTing (Clear Reward:250Topaz Achievement Reward:550Topaz)
  • Pagoda: The level of which you previously attacked will be the default selected (Upon refresh or new day, final page will be highlighted)
  • System:Added a name changing service (costs gold)
  • vip: VIP special rewards added, by purchasing an upgrade with gold you may receive VIP special rewards daily.
  • RTW:New tactic: Confer 2 – Spend 35000 grains or 80 gold for 500 Ruler Pts. Same critical chance as confer 1.
  • RTW:Captains UI has been reconfigured.
  • Jars Game: 2nd level Epiphany materials has been added.
  • Equipment: Forging requirements for level 90/100 equipment rebalanced.
  • Equipment: Lv 140, Armor released. Forging requirements can be found in game.
  • Food Cap: Food will be capped at 2 billion. Excesses will be forfeited.
  • Battle Reports: Turns are now displayed in battle.
  • Battle Reports: Battle reports effective period has been adjusted. Pagoda, Scene BRs will last for 3 to 6 months. PVP BRs will last for 1 to 3 months.
  • Change: Initial general selection during game start has been changed.
  • Change: Loading screens now include snippets of game info.


1.5.0 Patch notes:

Rule the World changes:

  • Rule the world: Due to many changes introduced in this patch, the current cycle will end and rewards will be given normally.
  • Rule the World: Dispatch cooldown for neighbouring cities reduced to 10 minutes from 30 minutes. Dispatch cooldown upper limit set to 2 hours from no limit.
  • Rule the World: Auto dispatch has been added with features to assist players.
  • Rule the World: Generals list will now be arranged with healthy generals at the top.
  • Rule the World: Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shu, Liu Zhang forces have been removed. Added Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei forces. Cao Cao will be stationed at Luo Yang, Sun Quan is stationed at Jian Ye, Liu Bei is stationed at cheng Du.
  • Rule the World: Added catastrophes. Rewards are granted if you successfully survive them.
  • RtW Tactic: Trickery 2. When in effect, Ruler pts +50% (Effects does not stack with itself)
  • RtW Tactic: Reckless 2. Spends 2 fight orders upon winning, extra 80 Ruler Pts and increased chance of injuring enemy officers (Effects does not stack with itself)
  • RtW Tactic: Reckless 3. Spends 2 fight orders upon winning, extra 200 Ruler Pts and increased chance of injuring enemy officers (Effects does not stack with itself)
  • RtW Tactic: Siege 2. Spends 2 order every wall attack, damages wall by 2 and gain 4x the Ruler points. (Effects does not stack with itself)
  • RtW Tactic: Siege 3. Spends 2 order every wall attack, damages wall by 2 and gain 6x the Ruler points. (Effects does not stack with itself)


Generals Training:

  • 1hr and 4hr modes removed.
  • 8hrs mode is now free to use.
  • 24hrs mode can now be used by VIP0, price is 1 gold.
  • 72hrs mode can now be used by VIP3, price is 25 gold.
  • New 168hrs mode can now be used by VIP8, price is 50 gold.

Miscellaneous system changes:

  • Citadel Wars: Medals exchange for totems and gifts, amount can now be inputted in numbers.
  • Port: Added new items.
  • Sea Trade: Added Damascus, for Lv180 ports. 40000 to purchase,worth 55000.
  • Sea Trade: Added Ginseng, for Lv190 ports100000 to purchase,worth 130000.
  • Millenium Prison: New Boss added for level 175 and above.
  • Pagoda: Now defaults to the last page on open.
  • Pillage war: War application time limited (23: 00-8: 00 unable to initiate war).
  • Fu LingEr: New option to automatically repair broken ships.
  • Caving: New retry button added to caving, starts at 5 gold and tops out at 20 gold per use. Gold price is reset upon new caving entry.
  • Tactics: Using tactics in RTW might result in a critical that multiplies rewards.
  • UI: Improved building upgrade force closing opened windows.
  • UI: Improved battle scene army flags.
  • Tavern: Autochat in the tavern feature and FuLingEr will be temporarily disabled. New NPCs that grant generals additional stats will be put into tavern rotation.
  • Equipment: New equipment, lv140, Destroyer Sword, requires a Dusk Stone, Light stone and 900 Topaz.
  • Materials: New materials, Dusk stone (Exchange with 5000 medals) and Light stone(Currently only available during events).
  • Scene: New scene, Qiang Forces (Clearing reward: 200 Topaz, Achievement Reward 450 Topaz).
  • Level: Level 195 to be available after defeating the King of Jiang.
  • Features: New Melding feature to bolster players’ silver income, the minter building will be removed.
  • Building: New port side building – Tradehouse. Increases melding income (Available @ Lv150)
  • Shop: Shop feature has been reworked completely, now items are available for purchase with silvers as well as gold and they refresh every few hours.
  • Clan Technology: Gold investment enabled, 1 gold is 3000 technology development points.
  • Autotraining: A new screen will pop up to select generals to be trained.
  • Silver/Merits cap: New cap for silver and merits will be 2 billion. Amounts above this will be forfeited. Please spend your silvers and merits before the update to ensure no loss of resource will occur.
  • Venture: Tweaked the rate of appearance of various blessings and curses.
  • EQ Upgrade: Equipment upgrade Cooldown Removed
  • Training: General Training Cooldown Removed
  • Mine/Farm Resources: Lv160 and above players will skip the battle scene when occupying a non player controlled farm or mine.
  • Epiphany: UI Improved, you may now check a general’s several epiphany stages.
  • Epiphany: New Auto Epiphany button, resource will be given automatically until requirements are met when this button is pressed.
  • Scene: New scene, Forces of Chen Qian (Clearing reward: 200 Topaz, Achievement Reward 400 Topaz).
  • Caving: Overall difficulty lowered. Some troop placement (like Divas) has been changed to other army types.

Generals with new Green skills:

  • ZhaoYun[Green]: W.Dragon, [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units, damage increases with enemy morale. Reduces frontmost unit defense for 2 turns.
  • ZhouTai[Green]: Fearless, [Combat] Damages self and attacks a vertical line of units, reduce target morale by 50%,
  • ZhangHe[Green]: Pressure, [Combat] Continuous attack on a vertical line of units that increases in strength as army decreases, gains additional 10% to army size for 2 turns.
  • ZhouCang[Green]: Breakthrough, [Physical]damagine attack on all enemy units.
  • ZhuRan[Green]: Continuos Shot, [Combat] Two attacks on a horizontal row of units and gains Immunity for 2 turns. Increases self morale for 145.
  • XuHuang[Green]: Wyvern, [Combat]A continuous attack on all units.
  • GuanYu[Green]: Ares, [Combat] A continuous attack on a vertical line of units, damage increases when enemy army is low. Chance to demoralize and gains 100% counter for 1 turn.
  • CaoCao[Green]: Grandeur, Increases allies morale by 65 and reduces enemy morale by 15. Increases allies attack.
  • LiuBei[Green]: DivineCall, Increases allies morale by 85 and reduces enemy morale by 20.
  • SunQuan[Green]: DivineCall, Increases allies morale by 85 and reduces enemy morale by 20.
  • Wang Yun [Green] stats changed to 82;83;97 from 79;75;97, stat growth from 2.8;2.5;3 to 2.6;2.6;3

Skill changes:

  • Entrance: Attack increase changed to 55% from 40%, Status effect now lasts 2 turns.
  • Protection: Chance for buff increased to 30%。
  • Aegis: Recovery increased to 70000。
  • Mania: Additional BUFF,Increase self P.attack by 100% for 3 turns.
  • Summoning: Increased to 85 morale
  • Skill: Plague’s poisoning rate changed to 80%, Chaos unchanged, now lasts for 2 turns.

Army Type changes:

  • E.Execute: P.attack changed from 3.2 to 3.35,P.defense changed from 0.72 to 0.75,C.attack changed from 1.8 to 2.2
  • E.StormSwd: C.attack changed from 2.4 to 2.7。
  • E.GodJudge: P.Defense changed from 0.73 to 0.75,S.Attack changed from 2.1 to 2.3。
  • E.Shaolin: C.Defense changed from 0.62 to 0.65,S.Attack changed from 2.4 to 2.55。
  • E.DCorps: P.attack changed from 2.3 to 2.8,P.Defense changed from 0.66 to 0.68,C.attack changed from 2.4 to 2.7,C.Defense changed from 0.78 to 0.8,S.Attack changed from 1.44 to 1.8,S. Defense changed from 0.62 to 0.66。
  • E.SavageLnc: P.attack changed from 3.1 to 3.3,C.attack changed from 1.9 to 2.3,C.Defense changed from 0.64 to 0.68。
  • E.DrakeMnt: P.attack changed from 1.95 to 2.5,P.Defense changed from 0.62 to 0.67,C.attack changed from 2.75 to 2.9。
  • E.ArgentMnt: P.attack changed from 2.1 to 2.6,C.attack changed from 1.68 to 2.1。
  • E.BloodKngt: P.attack changed from 3 to 3.2,C.attack changed from 2.08 to 2.5,C.Defense changed from 0.66 to 0.69,S. Defense changed from 0.58 to 0.62。
  • E.DHunter: P.attack changed from 3 to 3.5,P.Defense changed from 0.64 to 0.68,C.attack changed from 2.6 to 2.7。
  • E.DrgDrill: P.attack changed from 3.2 to 3.5,C.attack changed from 1.6 to 1.8,S.Attack changed from 1.6 to 1.8。
  • E.SkyMage: S.Attack changed from 2.4 to 2.5。
  • E.Naiad: C.Defense changed from 0.6 to 0.62,S.Attack changed from 2.3 to 2.4。


  •  All Practice  – Automatically set all generals to train the selected training method and length, max level generals will be ignored and training will be given until training slots are occupied or all generals are undergoing training.
  •  Pagoda  – Levels 181 to 200 added.
  •  Army Type  – 15 new Tier 5.5 Army Unit Types, materials to upgrade them are acquired in the new Elite Instance Magma Cave.
  •  Elite Instance  – Magma Cave, opens @ level 175, use to get Magma Cave orders to gain Tier 5.5 Army Unit Type upgrade materials.
  •  New Feature  – Retrieve, assists in retrieving missed free chances from the day before in exchange of gold.
  •  New Feature  – Event Reminders, there’ll be a simple event reminder on the right of the screen after login.
  •  Fu Ling Er  – Auto Recruit of army now possible, will auto recruit from volunteers or using food resource when army is less than 50%.
  •  Fu Ling Er  – Players can now choose to acquire both Officer level wages and government wages individually or together.
  •  Fu Ling Er  – Options can now be switched on even when chances amount are zero.
  •  Pillage War  – You may now declare to have the war start after 10 minutes or 60 minutes.
  •  Venture –  Gambling within Venture minimum bet raised from 20000 to 100000, rules has not changed, max silver that can be gained from this is now 3200000.
  • Venture – Gold Dice rolls price reduced from 10 gold to 5 gold, gold spent limit reduced from 100 gold to 20 gold.
  • Venture – Turn Limit Purchase price reduced from 10 gold to 5 gold, gold spent limit reduced from 100 gold to 20 gold.

New Green Epiphany Generals

  • LuZhi – Clear, Clear all negative effects.
  • JuXue – Thunderclap, [Strategic] Attack a single unit 5 times, damage increases when opponent army is lessened.
  • PangTong – Thunderclap, [Strategic] Attack a single unit 5 times, damage increases when opponent army is lessened.
  • SunJian – DragonSoar, [Combat] An attack on a horizontal row of units, reduces enemy combat defense by 50% for two turns.

Skill changes

  • Entrance, Increased damage buff from 40% to 45%, added small chance to confuse enemies.
  • Obliterate Skill damage increased by 10%, burn damage increased by 10%.
  • DragonSoar, Regain 50 morale,Combat Defense reduction on a horizontal row of enemies reduced from 50% to 40%.
  • Rescue, Skill damage increased by 10%, now heals all friendly armies.


Below are the patch notes for version 1.4.3 updated on 24th of April 2014 12pm.

  • Millenium Prison: Bosses Ba She and above will no longer be country restricted.
  • Arena: Auto Betting is now enabled
  • Assistant: AutoResearch for clan technology added.
  • Rule the World: Added select all for current squads.
  • Rule the World: Tactics purchases left is now shown.
  • Rule the World: Fight orders can be traded for grain.
  • Rule the World: Rebalanced rewards and penalties when lower than 20 players in RtW.
  • Medals: Gold purchase of basic medals added. Cost reduces when completion progress is higher.
  • Navy: Medals: Gold purchase of ships added. Cost reduces when completion progress is higher.
  • Hunting Grounds: Triple Hunting is now enabled, cost is 60 gold.
  • Pirate Wars: Double and Triple botting for their respective rewards now enabled.
  • Government: Players @ level 130 and above will be auto enlisted as an Elite. Elite cap raised to 150 players.
  • Caving: Improved UI experience.
  • Caving: Difficulty adjusted for King ZhouWu’s Grave.
  • Caving: Increased material output.
  • caving: Repairing the locks at the secret chamber now costs 30 gold. However, doubling rewards at the end of the secret chamber now costs 50 gold instead of 100 gold.
  • Generals: Zhu Zhi (Green) stats from 80, 68, 77 raised to 83, 71, 80. Growth from 2.1, 2.1, 2.4 raised to 2.2, 2.2, 2.5.
  • Generals: Yi Ji (Green) stats from 67、59、81 raised to 72, 64, 86 Growth from 2.4, 2.2, 2.4 raised to 2.5, 2.4, 2.6.
  • New Scene: Yang Yi – The Hermit Village (Clearance Reward: 175 Topaz, Achievement Reward: 400 Topaz)
  • New General: Yang Yi, obtainable after clearing The Hermit Village in the Tavern.
  • Skills: Sprint and DragonTide damage adjusted.
  • New General: Wang Yun


Following the exciting, all out war feature that is Rule the World, we now have made some improvements to the balancing as well as some brand new features for you in the next update! V.1.4.2!


Rule the World Changes

RtW – Improved various UIs.

RtW – Attacking cities will reduce battalions’ win streak by 1.

RtW – Introducing “Fight Orders”, Maxes at 200 orders, conquering cities will no longer give ruler pts if you have insufficient fight orders. Every point of damage dealt or taken by the battalion would spend 1 Fight Orders. If the fight was lost, more fight orders are lost.

RtW – A city can only be construct/razed for 10 times within 30 minutes. Gold will be required to proceed if it exceeds 10 times. The limit resets every 30 minutes.

RtW – Level limit for RtW raised to Level 125.

RtW – Decrees will now show up in the minimap and Ruler Pts earned for this city will be increased by 10%.

RtW – Grain fields interface within the city changed.

RtW – Only top 25 in company ranking will have the decree to declare a city fight.

RtW – Total amount of players within a company is now shown on the company selection screen. Rewards are inversely proportional to company size and power.

RtW – Tactic: Added Destruction Tactic, doubles damage done by battalion to city, receives double the ruler pts.

RtW – Tactic: Raze, Construct can now only be used in cities with your battalions garrisoned in it.

RtW – Tactic: Streak’s effect is changed to “add an additional 2 win streak to current battalion win streaks”.

RtW – Tactic: Tactic limit is determined by your VIP level.

RtW – Tactic: Ruler Pts gain increases as tactic use increases.

RtW – Battle messages within the battalion interface now has a 35 line limit.



Other Patching information

Venture – Defeating robbers within Venture will now give you 50*Level Fame.

Venture – Increased rewards, increased chances for prosper to appear.

Epiphany – 2nd level (Green) epiphanies are now available. Stats and Skills are improved.

New Feature – Adventure, mainly used to acquire resources needed for 2nd epiphanies.

Skills – New skills added for 2nd epiphanies.

New Equipment – Conqueror’s Seal

New Resource – 2nd epiphany resources, Pearls, Jades and Gold Censers added.

New Item – Item needed to forge Conqueror’s Seal added to Medal Shop.

New Scene – “Tian Zhang – Battle of WuWei”

New Scene – “Huang Hao – Cursed Army”, level 190 is available after clearing this map.

Mine/Farms – There is now an option to extend your time owning a farm by 6 hours with 10 gold.

Medals – Iron Shield Medal requirement reduced by 10 product levels.

Medals – Improved upgrading animation, tooltip now shows both original stats and blessing stats.

Manor – Added a “gift all” button.

Login Rewards – 5 days login rewards changed to 7 days login rewards.

Citadel Wars – Added AutoBot and AutoAmulet features.

Q. R3K (v1.4.1) Patch Features.

Patch Info


– New Feature: “Rule the World”, enabled at level 95, this feature allows you to fight within six companies’ to unite the nation.

– New Feature: “Medal upgrade and fusion”, enabled at level 95, actions here requires Ruler Points which can be acquired within Rule the World mode.

– New Scenario: Wang Hun – Forces of YangCheng (Achievement Reward 300x Topaz, Clearing Reward 100x Topaz)

– New Scenario: Ma Long – Fight of ShangDang (Achievement Reward 300x Topaz, Clearing Reward 100x Topaz)

– Level cap increase: Level 185 available after Clearing Wang Hun.

– New General: Sima Zhao base skill “Poison”, he will have the new skill “Murderous” after epiphany

– New Skill: Murderous [Strategic] AoE attack on enemies, healing effects of enemies will be reduced by 50% for 2 turns. Reduces 10 morale on all enemies.

– Chat Feature: There will now be a link to enter an army war or squad immediately

– Child System: During training, Child skill Hurricane has been replaced by Murderous. This can be found under the Criticize category during second phase coaching.

– Venture System: Cooldown gold costs changed from 1 gold per minute to 1 gold per 10 minutes.

– Rule the World System: Added instructions and a beginner’s tutorial to this feature.



*** RMS R3K Team.


R3K v1.3.7  Patch Info.


  • New System: Journey: A dice based board game system to earn Food, General Bonus Badges, Silver, Medals, and many other items!

  • New Material: Crescent Stone (Used in Conqueror Shield and Conqueror Scripture)

  • New resource: Bonus Badges (For use in leveling up general leadership levels)

  • Leadership Bonus: Badges button added in Leadership Bonus UI.

  • New Equipment: Conqueror Shield (Lv. 130) and Conqueror Scripture (Lv. 130)

  • New map: Hu Jun – Battle of LeAn

  • Citadel War: Using amulets to reach x4 and x5 multiplier will grant medals with equivalent of a fully occupied citadel war as opposed to a partially occupied one.

  • UI Improvement: Added a second confirmation prompt for totem’s Merge All option.



R3K v1.3.6  Patch Info

  • System changes – Added SP Lock for equipments. Downgrading, Casting and Upgrading are locked for this lock.
  • Bonus – Added bonus system for generals, you may use Buns, Meat, Wine and silvers to increase generals’ Leadership levels to increase their army size.
  • Chatbox changes – Added ability to link wives, confidants and navy levels to chatbox.
  • System changes – Power ranking now takes into account Wife and Confidant levels.
  • UI changes – Cities’ appearance is now larger.
  • System changes – When player asks the game to not prompt for attack cooldown, using gold for cooldown will now be applied for invading other players, conquering mines and farm, army wars.
  • System changes – Auto join for army wars improved.

Q. R3K (V1.3.4 & V1.3.5) Patch Features

R3K v1.3.4 & v1.3.5 Patch Info

  • Millenium Prison: ZhuYan the Ape (Lv170)
  • Scene Battle: Additional Elite Obsidian armies open at Lv170. Drops additional item “Oblivion Orders” which randomly drops Silvers, Merits and Materials for Army Type Upgrades.
  • Scene Battle: XiaHou Wei, NiuTouShan. Achievement Reward: Topaz x300, Clearance Reward: Topaz x75. No new Tavern Generals.
  • Army Type Upgrade: Additional 11 variations of T5.5 Army Types now open.
  • Citadel War: Can set auto amulet use. Set it up a multiplier you’d like to have and it will auto refresh until it reaches it. NOTE: It will not go ABOVE your selection, there will be no chances of it reaching 5x Multiplier if your selection is to stop at 4x Multiplier.
  • Totems: Level 15 totems are now available
  • Manor: Added “Happiness”, happiness will affect bonuses conferred by the girl or lady. Raised by talking or gifting.
  • Casting: Added a stat locking feature. Stats locked will not change but the price of casting will be increased. Requires VIP8.
  • System: City development ceilings increased by 10000.
  • System: Added a Merge All button for General Equipments
  • Clans: Clan leaders can now set clans to automatically accept applicants.
  • Clans: Application to city and mine wars now availble in the clan interface. Players will join even when offline during the timing of the wars. Duels are not joined in this offline mode however.
  • UI Change: Equipment screen now shows active generals in formation.
  • Arena: Medal rewards added to top 16 finalists.
  • Patrol – AutoPatrol feature added. Select a combination that you require and AutoPatrol will refresh until the combination is achieved before initiating the patrol.

Q. R3K (v1.3.3) Patch Features

R3K v1.3.3 Patch Info

– World Interface: City Development cooldown reduced to 20 hours from 24 hours.

– Pagoda: Pagoda Levels 161 to 180 opened.

– Secret Cave: Obsidian Pit, entered from Battle of ShanYue.

– New Scene: Zhuge Yan – ShouChun Rebellion.

– New Army Type: T5.5 – A strengthened version of the Tier 5 army types. Materials to upgrade your army type can be found in the new Secret Cave “Obsidian Pit”

– Defeating the last NPC in Zhuge Yan – ShouChun Rebellion will enable level up of Town Hall to lv180.

– Manor – Study: Added auto training, available from VIP9 onwards, parameters include training effectiveness and auto blessing. Refresh will be done automatically in this training mode.

– Manor – Auto-talk, available from VIP8 onwards, you can pick the ladies that you would like to auto talk to.

– Lucky Spin – Auto spin, you can key in the amount you want to open at once.

– Tavern chat – Auto chat, auto refreshes until a general appears, available from VIP6 onwards.

– Appoint – Auto sell lower grade equipment, available from VIP3 onwards.

– Dispatch – Auto refresh, will refresh until all 4 traders are here. Available from VIP8 onwards.

– Warehouse – Downgrade button now changed to Degrade.

– Sacred Souls:Auto attack Sacred Beasts. Parameters include using Worship or Gold worship. (VIP6 requirement for Gold Worship still applies.)

– Citadel Wars: Botting feature for Citadel Wars added. However players much manually collect their rewards after the war ends.

*** RMS R3K Team.

Q. R3K (v1.3.2) Patch Features

Patch Notes. ( v1.3.2 )

General stat changes
Initial stats raised to 65, 60, 72 from the original 50, 56, 70.
Stat growth raised to 2.3, 2.5, 2.3 from the original 1.2, 2.3, 1.9

Initial stats raised to 60, 65, 75 from the original 50, 56, 72.
Stat growth raised to 2.2, 2.7, 2.4 from the original 2.0, 2.0, 2.4
XiaoQiao’s skill after Epiphany changed to Boosting

– System Changes: Silver limit raised for every level of Treasury doubled.
– Skill changes: Damage for the skills God of Wind, Blood Levy, WarMount, Ride Hunt has been increased.
– UI Changes: Topup interface improved with clearer information and a VIP features table.
– UI Changes: Hero button added to Nation War interface to ease change of formations.
– UI Changes: Child Training phase 1, Medium Effect training is now Blue in colour; Low Effect training is now white in colour.
– UI Changes: Tooltips added in Child Training phase 2 that shows possible skills from the training given. (Strategic army types are NOT available if the skill’s name is in white within the tooltip.)
– New Equipment: Added “Valkyr Stone”, used for forging Conqueror’s Cloak and Conqueror’s Mount. 5000 Medals per stone.
– New System: Mystery Merchant – Emeralds can now be exchanged for Topaz, exchange ratios are 5:1.
– New System: Events List interface, events are now grouped together, Festive, Topup and various other server launch events are now internalized within the game under this interface.
– New System: City Facade, change the look of your city in the region interface by fulfilling different requirements.

– New Map: Wang Ji – Battle of ChangYang, Achievement Reward: Samsara Unicorn; Clearance Reward: Topaz x50.
– New Secret Map: Dark Cave, found within Yudu – Neither Man Nor Beast, Army war drops Sky Stone.
– New General: Wang Ji, obtainable after defeating the last NPC in Battle of ChangYang.
Wang Ji’s Skills
-Before Epiphany: Disarm – [Combat] An attack on a single unit and renders enemy unable to attack for 1 turn.
-After Epiphany: BeatDown – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of enemies and recovers self morale by 50. Chance to inflict chaos for 1 turn.

– Citadel War Changes: Joining for 3rd time onwards no longer uses 10 gold, however medals are still only rewarded for first 2 entries in a day.

– Sacred Souls Changes: Phoenix Soul effect raised to 500 army/lv from 300 army/lv.
– Equipment changes: Conqueror items army size growth raised to 40/upgrade lv from 32/upgrade lv.

New skills:
Added the following six skills to be learned by a child:

– Giant Sword – [Combat] An attack on a horizontal row of units, damage increases when enemy morale is high. Recovers self morale by 50.
– Deadly Spear – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units, chance to inflict Soulless which reduces 50 morale per turn.
– Decay – [Physical] An attack on a single target, inflicts Venom, a stackable status effect with increasing damage per stack.
– Thunderclap – [Strategic] An attack on a single target, damage increases when enemy morale is high.
– Sudden Death – [Combat] Strong attack on a single target, reduces self defense for 30% while raising attack for 2 turns. Recovers self morale for 145.
– Sleep – AOE skill. Chance to inflict sleep on enemies. Any damage received will wake the enemy. Lasts for 3 turns.


* RMS R3K Team

Q. R3K (v1.3.1) Patch Features

New v1.3.1 patch info


System Changes:

Gold Practice – Now available to VIP0
Production – Gold Produce now has an upper limit of 50 gold per production.
Training slots – Maximum training slots available increased to 30. Current VIPs will have their maximum purchasable slots adjusted.
Casting – Ultimate Refine VIP requirement lowered to VIP5, Supreme Refine now available to VIP0 players
Hunting – Double Reward Hunting VIP requirement lowered to VIP1, non VIP players can now use Single Reward Hunting.

New System – Marriage. Manor enabled after reaching level 120. Meeting legendary beauties, marriage and producing an offspring is possible within this system available on the bottom right bar next to the Govt button. More on the marriage system here.

Citadel War changes:

Applications are now available anytime between 1200hrs to 0030hrs every day.
Changed the minimum participants of the war to 10 players (5v5)
Instance starts as soon as 5v5 or higher balanced teams are reached with a countdown where players are allowed to join up until 10 seconds before the actual war starts.
Improved the format and UI for application
Improved the calculation of score.
Reduced the medals needed for exchanging higher grade totems.
Added a new category to Medals Shop – Unique Items
Added amulets – Amulets are available at the end of Citadel Wars to multiply your medals reward up to 5 times!

Other changes:

New Scenario Map: Wen Yang – Battle of DiDao
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Samsara Unicorn)


New Scenario Map: Zhuge Yan – Battle of DongXing
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Samsara Shield)


New Scenario Map: ShanYue Forces – Battle of DanYang
(Clearance Reward: Topaz x50, Achievement Reward: Topaz x200)


New Level Limit: Level 175 available after defeating the last NPC in the Battle of DongXing.

New General – Wen Yang, available after defeating the last NPC in the Battle of DongXing.
Before Epiphany: Fearless Charge [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units and deals extra damage to the backmost unit.
After Epiphany: Suppression [Combat]Continuous Attack on a vertical line of units, chance to reduce hit unit’s attack for 1 round.


New Equipment – Lv130 Conqueror’s Armor, forged from Lv120 Dynasty Platemail with Conquerer’s Pearl and War Stone + 1000 Topaz.




*** RMS R3K Team.

Q. R3K (v1.2.2) Patch Features

New features of our upcoming patch V1.2.2! Coming very soon!


System changes:

-Pagoda Infiltration is now enabled for VIPo players  and above. Price for Auto infiltration reduced from 2 gold to 1 gold per infiltration and cost is eliminated for VIP3 players and above.

-Mine and Farm ownership time under the Mineral interface is extended from 3 hours to 6 hours.

-City development costs increased by 300%. Rewards from development is also increased by 300%. Development cooldown extended to 24 hours.

Cooldown changes:

– Navy trade ship robbing cooldown removed.

-Mine/Farm plunder cooldown removed.

-Militia Recruitment cooldown removed.

-Harvest for Farm in town hall interface cooldown removed.

-Taxation cooldown removed.

-Production cooldown removed.


New Scenario Map: GongSun Yuan Forces – Battle of XiangPing


New level limit: Level 170 is unlocked after clearing the last NPC of Battle of XiangPing


New General: Xin Pi (Acquired from Tavern)

Xin Pi Skills:

Before Epiphany – Tidal Wave [Strategic] A damaging water attack on a vertical line of units.

After Epiphany – Icicles [Strategic] An attack on a single unit that increases in strength as self army size reduces.


New System – Citadel Wars*

-You may join 10 times a day, the first two entries are free.

-Each entry after the two free entry has a 10 gold entry fee and there would be no rewards.

-Applications starts at every hour from 1300hrs to 2200hrs.

-Application period is 5 minutes.

-When there are 20 players in an instance they would be automatically arranged into two teams “Han Forces*” and “Insurrection*”.

-Players are not sorted according to their nation

-Linked servers will join the same instance

-A player may quit to the main interface and re-enter the battlefield using a quit button.


New Equipment – Added level 130 equipments, can be upgraded from Dynasty Items. (Only the Weapon is currently available at the moment, forging items exchanged using medals earned from Citadel Wars.)


Totem – Gold Dispatch no longer has a dispatch limit.

Totem – Merchants’ effects are strengthened.


Skill changes: Mad – Damage increased by 20%

Skill changes: Dark Flame – Damage increased by 20%


*: Names are currently tentative and subject to change when necessary.

Q. Port Building

When gamer reached Lv.130,the port is activated. Click on the town wall and enter the port interface. The port shows

brand new building and scene, each building has a new faction, and it’s upgrade available as town hall. Dockyard,

depot, trade post, academy and naval camp are available in the port. Details of buildings below:

Depot: Increase silver and food capacity.
Dockyard: A place to build ships. Ships divided into a variety of types and grades, such as warship, budgerow, junk, etc.
Trade post: A place for trade. Gamer can buy and sell products here.
Academy: Research Navy Technology.
Naval camp: Navy Training place.

Q. Game’s refresh time

Server time

Elite refresh time: 9:30、12:30、19:00、21:00

Refresh time of equipment upgrade success rate: Every half an hour.

Daily Reset: 4 O’clock in the morning.

Arena refresh time: 10:00、15:00、21:00

Price of food refresh time: Every half an hour,usually seven and a half hour to eight and a half hour as a cycle.

In other words,from purchase food to sell food,you usually need 4 hours.

Q. Taxation Event


Levy Event
Event Option Answer 1 Reward Option 1 Option Answer 2 Reward Option 2
Treasure Hunt There is no treasure ! Morale + 4 Let's go for Treasure hunt Gold + 3
Unfortunate Couple Help Them ! Morale + 7 Stop them ! Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
My Precious I don't tust him ! Gold + 5 What a precious ! Morale + 7,Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
New Religion Invite him for a feast. Morale + 4 Interrogate him. Daily Taxation + 1
Deserter Leave him be Silver(PlyerLv x 20) Send him home. Morale + 6
Floods Feed them. Morale + 7 Restore those villages. Morale + 7,Silver(PlayerLv x 20)
Sandstorm Restore those villages Morale + 4 Clean up the town. Silver(PlayerLv x 50)
Arid Dig the well deeper ! Morale + 5 Pray to the Gods Morale + 7
Locust Cook the Locust, there is no Gods. Morale + 6 Eliminate the locust and replant the crops Morale + 5,Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
Burglar Reduce the tax. Morale + 4 Hunt him down ! Silver(PlayerLv x 40)
Tiger Hunt the beast ! Morale + 5 Warn my people. Silver(PlayerLv x 30)
Plague Seek for a cure. Morale + 6 Control the epidemic. Silver(PlayerLv x 40)
Market bully Put him on court. Morale + 5 Beat him to death ! Morale + 4
Swordman Recruit him. Morale + 6 Challenge him Morale + 5
Crying child Provide shelter and food. Morale + 8 Advice her to get a job. Silver(PlayerLv x 10)
Lazy Beggar Tell him not to be lazy and get a job. Silver(PlayerLv x 20) Give money, ordered him to leave. Morale + 4
Nanhua God Be courteous, get advice on how to bring peace. Morale + 7 Invite to talk about the world. Gold + 3
ZuoCi God Dismount from horse and try getting advice. Morale + 6 Ignore and leaves. Daily Taxation + 1
Mantis blocks carriage Command horse to keep moving forward. Daily Taxation + 1 Detour the carriage. Morale + 4
Strong Warhorse Smiles and admire the old man for his loyalty. Morale + 7 Politely refuse and invite old man to have a feast. Morale + 8
A fairy appears Paint out the scene, for the unforgettable incident. Morale + 5,Daily Taxation + 1 Invite fairy back to your town. Morale + 8
Wilderness Skeleton Dismount to investigate Silver(PlayerLv x 15) Sense danger, ordered for retreat Morale + 7
Ancient battlefield Nonsense, there's surely an logical explanation for it Morale + 5 Arrange prayers for the lost souls Morale + 6
Flying stone Get people's help on repairs for the road Morale + 5 Sent troops quarrying, to build a new road Fame(PlayerLv x 5)
Lunar Eclipse Laugh and ignore Fame(PlayerLv x 5) Observe and prepare for the worst Fame(PlayerLv x 10)
Wooden Horse Disperse the crowd to maintain order Morale + 4,Fame(PlayerLv x 5) Hire the creator Morale + 5
Found Gold hairpin Keep it to yourself. Gold + 5 Turned it over and placed it in the lost and found bin. Morale + 5,Fame(PlayerLv x 5)
Famous Scholar Sent an invitation out to him Fame(PlayerLv x 4) Visit him personally Morale + 6,Daily Taxation + 1
Western messenger Reject request Morale + 4 Sent troops to help solve the problem Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Enemy merchant Confiscate horses, tortured for intelligence Silver(PlayerLv x 15) Beheaded all spies to set example Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Enemy fugitives Accept them in and strengthen border defense Morale + 4 Send troops out to arrest them Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Good harvest Attend and enjoy celebrations with the people Morale + 8 Stop the feast and advice people on storing up more food in case of emergency. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Summoned by Emperor Xian Denies all responsibility and ignore invitation Gold + 5 Pleased to join the discussion, to find solution Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Oil Collection Stop distributing oil. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Increase oil production Morale + 8
Peace and harmony Being unprepared for war would be too dangerous to us. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Always preparing for war would only bring chaos to the world. Morale + 5
Market Hero Listens and laughs Fame(PlayerLv x 7) Go get to know people in the brotherhood Morale + 5
Rumors Reassure people that there is no incoming attack Morale + 4 Seal off City Gates, and capture the spies Fame(PlayerLv x 7)
Ambushed Boost soldier morale, defend and wait for backup. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Retreat for now, and call in backup for counter attack Silver(PlayerLv x 17)
Western village riots Lead an army to stop riot, kill on sight. Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Investigation the situation, and apprehend the leader Silver(PlayerLv x 22)
Rock Slide Help out victims, repair houses Morale + 6 Organize group moving to another Town. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Winged Ballista Judge according to law Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Approves talent, hire into government arms division Morale + 7
Imperial tomb raiders Cover up the story, and attend to the matter personally Gold + 5 Make an announcement to the public, and repair the imperial tombs Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Dark clouds Point towards clear sky ahead, and orders to march towards it Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Turn and quickly head back to City. Morale + 6
Yellow Turban Ex-Militia Recruit them Morale + 6 Destroy their troops and base. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Offerings Meet him at the City Gates to greet him. Morale + 6 Inform the guards to escort them in. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Justice and Bravery Judge according to law Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Reward the swordsman bravery in private Morale + 5
Homeless victims Let them in, it's more important to help out the victims. Morale + 7 Do not let them in, chase them away to another city. Fame(PlayerLv x 3)
Raging bull Send personnels to catch the bull, and seek medical attention for the injured Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Hands-on, fight the Raging Bull! Morale + 5
Watchtower on fire Move Oil and demolish the Warehouse Fame(PlayerLv x 3) Personally supervise in putting out the fire. Morale + 5
Punish corrupted officials Investigate and make arrest Morale + 5 Decapitation in public, as a warning to others Fame(PlayerLv x 3)

Q. Beginner Guide

General operation

The building in the tower is needed to update again and again. Open any building and click update button can update the building level. Ordinary building’s level can exceed Town hall level. In the Town interfaces you can also reap, sell or buy crops, train your heroes and produce goods for sale…….

Every battle scene distributed different hostile forces, so long as defeat them you can go to the higher level scene. The black is common enemy, yellow is elite and you can get equipment randomly, when you defeated the red enemy, the leader of them will service you.

General level, equipment quality and battle formations (squad) are factors of victory.


In mineral interfaces, you can occupy farm and silver mine by defeated local army, so you can gain crops and silver, after a period the resource will exhaust and you need to occupy again.


On the world map there are many cities and during your growth period more and more city will open to you. You can check all the cities and relocate to areas of your own faction. You are allowed to attack or subjugate the hostile faction.


In the region interfaces mail, merchants and conquer your neighbor.






Q. R3K (v1.2.1) Patch Features

Patch notes:

1. New scenario map: GongSun Yuan Forces – Battle of LiaoDong

2. New navy map: WuLin Pirates

3. New general: GongSun Xiu (Acquired from Tavern)

4. GongSun Xiu skills:
Before epiphany: Rail Gun – [Physical] An attack on a single unit and gains Invincibility for 1 turn.
After epiphany: Impale – [Physical] An attack on all enemy units, increases dramatically in damage as army size reduces.

5. General skill change: WeiYan’s skill after epiphany changed from –
Tremor – [Combat] A damaging attack on a horizontal row of units.

to    Burst Out – [Combat] An attack on a single unit and inflicts Desertion for 3 turns. Increases self morable for 145.

6.0 Skill effect change: Evil Tiger – [Combat] An attack on a vertical line of units with chance to prevent army recovery. Can be activated again next turn.
6.1  Skill effect change: Red Thunder – [Strategic] An attack on a horizontal row of units with chance to cause Chaos. Increases self morale  for 145.
6.2 Skill effect change: Immolate – “[Combat] A damaging attack on a vertical line of units by sacrificing a portion of your army.” Damage to self reduced.

7.0 UI Improvement: Changed the login, loading and character creation screen.
7.1  UI Improvement: Increased Sacred Soul insertion rate.
7.2 UI Improvement: Additional confirmation screen added to tavern chat when refreshing with highlighted general.
7.3 UI Improvement: Changed sorting of generals that has never been recruited in the “recruit” tab.
7.4 UI Improvement: Added a popup window for incomplete daily tasks when logging out.
7.5 UI Improvement: Walkthroughs will now be sorted by nation, players would be viewing own nation Battle Reports by default.
7.6 UI Improvement: Pagoda walkthroughs have been added, similarly sorted by nations.

8. Cooldown change: Moving no longer has a cooldown.

9.1 Millenium Prison Changes: Added new boss for level 165 – Ba She the Python
9.2 Millenium Prison Changes: Topaz reward for defeating Ya Yu the dragon changed from 2 to 3.

10. Rebirth changes: Added an auto rebirth feature – Generals are rebirthed when they are in training (even when offline) and have reached appropriate levels. This feature is free and it is limited to VIP2 and above.

11. Pirate war changes: Added two new ship types Strong CannonShip and Strong CannonWarShip. They are 30 points and 33 points respectively.

12. Navy trade changes: Added Luminous Pearl after trades terminal reaches lv.160, purchase price is at 20,000 silvers and selling price is at 26,000 silvers for a profit of 6,000 silvers.